End of support for NiceLabel v3

27. Nov. 2009

NiceLabel v3, a labeling software that has served thousands of customers around the world since 2001, has reached the end of its product cycle. It is no longer viable to support a product which runs on long-unsupported operating systems and was developed with now obsolete development tools.
Euro Plus focuses its software development strategy on providing a constant and flexibly evolving labeling solution to our valued clients. Product line enhancements, upgrades, and continuing support for new and evolving standards are qualities that make a significant difference to NiceLabel users around the world, and we're absolutely committed to these goals in the future.

In the effort to continue providing our valued users with the best labeling software the market has to offer, NiceLabel is launching a limited time offer:
Until January 1 2010, you can upgrade your NiceLabel software to v5.2 at half the retail price.
On January 1 2010, NiceLabel v3 will be retired and no support service or upgrades will be available. Take advantage of our limited offer and upgrade your system to NiceLabel v5 at half the retail cost of a new license.

Contact our sales team at sales@nicelabel.com and find out how easy and efficient it is to upgrade your existing NiceLabel software.

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