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What do your food, your clothes, your car, your furniture, your electronics and even your medicine all have in common?

They all have labels, tickets and tags created with NiceLabel. 

NiceLabel is a technology company, headquartered in Slovenia, and with offices across the globe. Thousands of businesses of all sizes rely on our technology to design, print and manage labels. It all started 27 years ago, with a tiny team developing software solutions for local businesses in Slovenia. Since then, we’ve grown into a global business with offices in Slovenia, Germany, the US, China and Singapore. Over the past three years, we’ve doubled our revenue, received several awards and our technology is now used by millions of users in more than 100 countries.  

We help companies of all sizes and industries improve the quality, speed and efficiency of their labeling, while reducing costs. We help life science companies guarantee that the right medicine gets into the hands of those who need it. We help food and beverage manufacturers give consumers accurate information regarding food ingredients and allergens. And we help retailers and car manufacturers combat counterfeit products using the latest in label technology. Every day, we see how our technology helps businesses solve real problems and provide greater value and safety to their customers. 

Join our team, and get the opportunity to use the latest digital technology to make the world safer for us all.

What it’s like to work for us?


What it’s like to work for us?

We’re a team. 

We believe in using the power of the team. The fastest path to creating value for our customers is all of us working together, sharing ideas and brainstorming to find the best solutions. Our goal is to create an environment where every individual employee can make an impact.  

We’re curious. 

We nurture a culture of constant learning and innovation. We believe curiosity is a good thing, in all aspects of business. 

We’re diverse. 

We value the contribution of a wide range of people, from different countries and backgrounds. We believe their differences make our business stronger.  

We’re inclusive. 

Everybody in our team has equal access to opportunities. We foster open communication and information sharing as well as shared accountability and responsibility. 

We’re virtual. 

Our employees work in virtual teams spanning borders and time zones. We use the latest technology every day, to communicate, collaborate and coordinate. 

Career development

Professional development is important to us. With numerous training programs and outlets for growth, we ensure that our employees are continually strengthening their skills and developing as individuals.

Work environment

We offer an engaging and flexible work environment and promote a healthy work/life balance.

Health and well-being

We encourage our employees to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and support sporting and team fitness activities.


What our employees are saying about working at NiceLabel

  • » Ralph Xi, Business Manager APAC

    "At NiceLabel, you will get much more opportunity to meet different international customers and take on challenges from all over the world. Meanwhile, working with the NiceLabel global team to overcome the challenges is a valuable career experience. I love this job. It gives me a great platform to improve and strengthen my career ability. At Nicelabel you will feel that you are changing and you will surpass the person you were yesterday."

  • » Ales Primozic, Head of PSG

    "I have been working with NiceLabel group since 1996, first as a student, and later as a full-time employee. I like working for NiceLabel for many reasons: great people, challenging and never boring work, working with interesting customers, excellent products, flexible hours, lots of possibilities to grow, not to mention perks like free fruit, sweets, table tennis, etc."

  • » Damian Wieczorek, Developer

    "There's a lot of interesting engineering challenges and collaboration and team work is on a very high level! We work together toward reaching our goals and help one another."

  • » Matt Stein, Technical Director

    "I have a direct impact on our customers’ success. We bring new ideas to the table and make a real difference in an environment that emphasizes teamwork and collaboration."

  • » Janez Pelko, Technical Support Engineer

    "I like the great team spirit, constant challenges, dynamic work, and wide variety of tasks where I never get bored. Working hours are flexible enough so I can easily arrange spare time. Company events and celebrations are always full of surprises and lots of fun. Company premises are on a very high level, it also means a lot to me that I can use my bike as a transport and use a shower. Many coworkers became my close friends."

  • » Susan Gosnell, Marcom – Americas

    "I really enjoy the work environment at NiceLabel. I am constantly challenged to grow as a professional. The best part is that I know I have the support and resources to do so."


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