Software Maintenance Agreement

Avoid unplanned downtime and assure you have access to NiceLabel experts

The NiceLabel Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) assures you have access to NiceLabel experts to quickly resolve any issues with your labelling system.

NiceLabel Software Maintenance Agreement

By purchasing the Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) you are entitled to:

  • Direct access to NiceLabel’s expert technical support
  • Assurance of minimal unplanned downtime
  • Assurance of access to the NiceLabel development team
  • Software upgrades

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Benefits of the Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)

Direct access to the experts and the developers

The NiceLabel technical support teams work closely with the NiceLabel developers to ensure you receive the fastest and best possible support avoiding any unplanned downtime.

Software upgrades

We regularly enhance NiceLabel to incorporate new features and fixes. You receive notifications about and access to the latest software upgrades.

The feedback from my clients about the Nicelabel SMA service has been exceptional. They are delighted with the speed of response and the breadth of knowledge that the support team shows, not only of their product but also of the customer IT environment.

Nigel Holloway
Dash Computer Products

How does it work?

When should you purchase an SMA?

You can purchase the SMA any time as long as you have the latest major version of the software (If the current version of the software is 6.2.0 the major version is 6). You will probably need more support in the beginning so we recommend you purchase the SMA together with the NiceLabel license.

Accessing premium support

When you purchase the SMA, you will receive a unique key as a proof of purchase. You will also receive:

  • Access to phone support
  • Email address for submitting priority support tickets
  • Links to forums, training videos/webinars, and NiceLabel knowledge base

Getting free software upgrades

When we release a new minor version of the software you will receive an email notification with release information and links to your free software upgrade. When we release a major upgrade, we will also notify you. You will need to request a free version upgrade key only available to SMA customers.

Easy purchase, renewal and termination

The SMA is a subscription based product that can be bought as a 1 year or 3 year subscription and is automatically or manually renewed every 1 or 3 years.

Read more about Software Maintenance Terms and Conditions and NiceLabel End User License Agreement.

You can buy an SMA online or request a quote from our sales representative.