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Are you looking for a faster way
to design labels?

Do you want to print faster
and reduce the number of label templates?

Design labels faster…
with NiceLabel

Our easy-to-use label designer moves label creation and maintenance from the IT department and puts it into the hands of the business user:

  • Moves label creation closer to the business.
  • Reduces response times.
  • Lowers the cost of label creation and maintenance.
  • Enables a quicker, more agile label production process.
Quickly design and print professional labels without IT help

Print faster…
from our ABAP package

Our label management system comes with a ready-to-use ABAP package that enables print previews of the label template with master data.

  • Everything happens within the SAP system’s user interface.
  • Tight integration without writing code.
  • ABAP package can be transported into a SAP system within seconds.
  • Streamlined SAP label printing process in a matter of hours.


SAP customers that have transformed their labeling

  • Wurth logo
  • Krka
  • Leprino Foods
  • Sonova
  • Nuvasive
  • Leybold
  • Boehringer
  • Klaas Puul
  • MCB
  • Bischof + Klein

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Ask the experts: Best practices for barcode labeling in SAP


In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environments, speed is crucial, especially when it comes to being able to make customer label changes and ship product faster. In this session, we answer questions about integrating barcode labeling with SAP ECC and S4/HANA. Here are just a few of the topics we discussed:

  • How can I make label changes much faster than we do today with SAPscript or Smart Forms?
  • Is there a way to connect to the printer without using the SAP spooler?
  • Is it possible to run a transaction but delay printing?

Hear what else we discussed.

Watch the full session now


Benefits of using NiceLabel’s
ABAP package to integrate with SAP

Instant label previews in SAP

Save valuable time by previewing “finished labels” containing label templates and master data from inside SAP. You can also maintain an electronic archive of finished labels.

On-demand “instant” printing

Rapid printing requires labels on-demand. Instant “first label out” capabilities don’t place a burden or strain on the SAP spooler resulting in no SAP spooler lag.

Real-time status feedback

Take on-demand printing to new levels of efficiency with real-time status notifications. You no longer need to check the spooler, printer or job error state. Confirmed delivery reduces help desk calls.


Improve quality assurance and traceability

Our document management system (DMS), a fully-integrated part of our label management system, gives you a centralized database of all of your label templates. You get a complete version history on all templates, built-in change request and approval workflows and complete visibility regarding everyone who has accessed, changed and printed labels in your organization. Our DMS digitizes your entire quality assurance process and gives you all the history and documentation you need to perform quality control.

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Make label changes faster...
...while reducing the burden on IT

As an SAP user, you have the platform in place to take advantage of the efficiency gains that digitization offers. But what about labeling? Legacy labeling approaches are overly dependent on IT and label change requests can take weeks, negatively impacting customer satisfaction and time to market.

A labeling system that fits seamlessly with your SAP environment and that’s built for purpose; i.e. for designing, printing and maintaining labels; creates a truly agile labeling process.

Find out how a modern label management system helps SAP users digitize quality assurance, increase accuracy and extend labeling across the supply chain.

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NiceLabel helps Siemens Manufacturing Operations to standardize labeling and create a best-practice solution that proved ROI in 4 months

Find out how Siemens Manufacturing Operations went from a disconnected environment with multiple label printing solutions to a fully standardized labeling operation including 22 factories and 1200 printers.

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How Chr. Hansen modernized labeling to streamline processes and SAP integration with a validated system

Chr. Hansen is a global bioscience company that creates natural solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Labeling is a fully-integrated part of Chr. Hansen’s production and delivery process and plays a central role in their distribution process. They have around 3,000 label print requests per day, and they print pouch, box, packaging and shipping labels.

Learn how implementing NiceLabel’s Label Management System, with its universal label templates and label variant technology, gave Chr. Hansen the opportunity to reduce and consolidate their label templates, create a more efficient label design process and successfully validate their label management system.

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We are the leading SAP Experts in our industry

At NiceLabel, our Professional Services Group (PSG) have a long history of working with SAP customers to help them digitally transform their labeling. This group brings their extensive SAP knowledge to customers, working inside their SAP environment to digitize their labeling.

We have also obtained one of the highest levels of SAP certification available, and we have helped numerous organizations digitally transform their SAP-based label production and printing processes.

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Transform your labeling
with our Label Management System

The NiceLabel label management system, LMS Enterprise, includes everything your organization needs to digitize your label production and printing process.

You get:

  • Label designer and application builder
  • Document Management System (DMS)
  • Integration System (plus NiceLabel ABAP package)
  • Web Printing System
  • Non-production environment and a change and transport system (CTS)

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Our Label Management System also works with

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Yes, we also support SAPscript
and Smart Forms integration

Our label management system has built-in filters and business rules for SAPscript’s Raw Data Interface (RDI) and XML for Smart Forms (XSF) format. There’s no need to purchase costly, complex external connectors. With our label management system, you have everything you need to roll out a fully digitized label printing and production process without writing a single line of ABAP.

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