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NiceLabel’s database and application integration for Oracle seamlessly connects enterprise labeling with business-critical Oracle databases and E-Business Suite applications like Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA) to deliver a best-practice solution in just hours without weeks of configuration or programming. NiceLabel’s all-in-one server architecture includes business connectors, data mapping, business rules and workflows, a print engine and load balancing for high volume environments. With NiceLabel, there’s no need for expensive connector technology to leverage the powerful benefits of an enterprise label management system with Oracle.

NiceLabel’s Label Management System integrates directly with Oracle applications and includes:

  • Label designer and application builder
  • Documentation management system
  • Integration system
  • Web printing system
  • Non-production environments
  • Change and transport system
UDI compliance

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Benefits of using NiceLabel with Oracle E-Business Suite

Centralize label management

Reduce the complexity of label data management and streamline label approval workflows to reduce errors, and recalls avoiding fines and ultimately, loss of business.

Achieve labeling and brand consistency

Consolidate decentralized labeling systems to achieve labeling consistency, centralized control and standardized branding.

Meet customer and regulatory requirements

Data validation, time stamps, maintenance of records, and capture of electronic signatures ensure you’ll withstand an audit, minimize the risk of mislabeling and reduce product recalls.

Design fewer labels

Reduce label variations with consolidation and comparison technology. Business users with browser-based access can find, visually compare, and modify templates.


Oracle customers that run NiceLabel

  • Wurth logo
  • PDC Brady
  • Abbott logo
  • Diamond Pet foods
  • ABB
  • Cato


Learn how you can mitigate risk, optimize process and improve agility

White Paper: Adopting Next Generation Labeling Technology Enhances Enterprise Agility and Reduces Costs

Next generation label management solutions give enterprises an opportunity to cut costs, improve agility, and reduce the risk of production shutdowns and non-compliance with labeling requirements.

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Better labeling. Better business.

NiceLabel helps Oracle customers eliminate label errors, in turn, significantly reducing the indirect costs of labeling, including costs associated with reworking mislabeled products, interrupting operations to reprint labels, quarantined product and unplanned downtime.

Add on the direct cost of the labor-intensive deployment and programming to integrate Oracle with a label management system and the extra labor for quality assurance, and the potential cost reduction is significant.

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Discover how integrating NiceLabel’s label management system with Oracle will reduce costs by standardizing and controlling labeling.

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