Food labeling

Compliant Food and Beverage Labeling

NiceLabel's label design and printing applications help retailers directly increase their supply chain efficiency and product visibility. Having the capabilities to interface product labeling with scale and scanning hardware on the production line is crucial for maximum profitability. NiceLabel is unique in that it allows users with no programming knowledge to create their own printing applications. From legacy hardware to new thermal printers, NiceLabel is the only choice for the food and beverage market.

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Produce Traceability Initiative

Walmart's Produce Traceability Initiative

Effective January 1st 2014, all of Walmart’s produce suppliers will be required to use case labels compliant with the Product Traceability Initiative standard.

  • Suppliers can meet PTI case labeling requirements
  • NiceLabel includes a pre-designed PTI label
  • Use the supplied voice pick code inside the label template
  • Customize and personalize label designs for your company
  • Drive any printer of your choice

EU Food Allergen Labeling Regulations

Food companies and operators must comply with the European directive 1169/2011 by December 13th 2014. The goal of the directive is to provide greater clarity to consumers on ingredients, nutrition and allergens. Manufacturers, retailers and food service operators need to clearly highlight food allergens within the ingredients list. NiceLabel solutions help you:

  • Easy setup and easy maintenance.
  • Use existing data without changes.
  • Modernize label printing process.

Learn more about EU Food Labeling Regulation

Food Allergen Labeling
Bottling line

The World's Top Bottlers Choose NiceLabel

NiceLabel is used by the world's top soft drink bottlers to label cases and pallets at various stages of production lines.

  • Design labels for fast print and apply systems
  • Custom tailor touch screen printing applications with IPCs
  • Integrate printing systems with PLCs and automated equipment
  • Connect to bar code readers and create custom scan and print workflows
  • Start, stop, and log all printing activity for all of your production lines

Retail and Food Services Merchandise Labeling

Prepackaged foods and deli items are sold by the millions every day. A lot of retail outlets and grocery stores print simple labels with just text information. By harnessing the power of NiceLabel you can design fantastic color labels that you can sell for more!

  • Design beautiful labels and charge more for prepackaged foods
  • Print on demand color labels or print text on pre printed label stock
  • Design personalized deli labels
  • Add bar codes to any label
  • Pull ingredients from an existing database or create a new database
Sandwich label
Weight scale integration

Weight Scale Label Printing Integration

There are a lot of legacy weight scale labeling application out in the market. Many users run into limitations and difficulty when trying to make changes to their label or support new printers. NiceLabel can introduce a flexible solution to design any label and print to any printer of your choice.

  • Create weigh and print applications
  • Automate printing with various scales (serial/ethernet)
  • Replace legacy printers with new printing hardware
  • Make label design changes on the fly
  • Design touch screen printing applications with scale integration