Consistent and accurate labeling drives the automotive supply chain

Data accuracy along with being able to consistently meet customer labeling requirements and rapidly respond to changes ensure more customers and better supplier rank. Failure to meet the requirements results in millions of dollars of fines and lost business.

NiceLabel's unique label consolidation technology and printing automation solutions enable automotive suppliers to be more competitive, always meet customer requirements and streamline their own production process.

Automotive manufacturers benefit from NiceLabel's next generation web printing technology that improves supplier collaboration, improves brand protection and prevents counterfeiting.

Automotive industry labeling
Automotive labeling increase accuracy

Increase accuracy, eliminate fines

Label accuracy is critical in automotive production and supply chain. Design inconsistencies and data errors result in product returns, production downtimes and hefty fines for the suppliers. NiceLabel LMS Enterprise mitigates the risks:

  • Trigger printing via a shop floor process instead of additional manual process.
  • Connect labels to your master data and avoid data replication.
  • Print EDI information and use data from different sources.
  • Optimize your label production process by printing with the highest speed and accuracy.
  • Replace manual operations (e.g. specific template selection) with business rules.

Centralize and standardize label design

Companies with multiple locations often end up with fragmented labeling systems. Decentralized systems expose you to risks of human error, inconsistencies in labels between locations and expensive maintenance. NiceLabel LMS Enterprise helps you:

  • Consolidate and centrally manage all templates.
  • Rapidly respond to label change requests.
  • Minimize number of label variations.
  • Easily promote label updates to all printers in all locations.
Label consistency
Odette label design

Easily comply with standards and customer requirements

NiceLabel Designer Pro includes many predefined label templates compliant with standards in the automotive industry. The universal template delivers consistent output on different types of printers. Graphical interface allows you to quickly and easily adapt the template to your customer's or your company's specific requirements. Use out-of-the-box solutions for:

  • VDA 4902 Labels
  • AIAG Labels
  • Volkswagen GTL Labels
  • General Motor (GM 1724) Labels
  • Odette / Galia Labels

Improve operational efficiency

Your organization can benefit from an automated barcode and RFID labeling system. Increase production quality and speed, improve inventory management, inbound and outbound logistic processes using barcode labels. Barcode lables improve:

  • Receiving and cross docking.
  • Inventory control.
  • Work-in-process tracking.
  • Development samples and prototypes tracking.
  • Shipment labeling and other logistics applications.
Improve operational efficiency with barcodes
Prevent counterfeiting automotive

Protect your brand, prevent counterfeiting

Counterfeiting is becoming a major safety and business concern in the automotive industry. Counterfeit products negatively affect brand reputation, revenue and market share of car manufacturers as well as their suppliers. Even more importantly counterfeit products are compromising the safety of consumers. Using NiceLabel's next-generation web labeling technology you can:

  • Improve visibility through the complete supply chain.
  • Collaborate with business partners.
  • Control the amount of manufactured vs. ordered parts.
  • Protect your brand, revenue and customers' safety.

Engineered for just-in-time production

Just in time suppliers have little room for delays or downtime. Relying on previous generation products exposes you to the risks of system failure and human error. NiceLabel's next-generation printing technology provides you with confidence that the labeling system will not fail.

  • 64-bit back-end service bus and print engine.
  • Rigorous automated and human testing procedures.
  • SAP, Oracle and Microsoft certifications and partnerships.
  • Core technology is proven with hundreds of thousands of customers and most Fortune 500 companies.

Solid implementation methodology

A wide network of partners in over 100 countries and our own local presence in Europe, USA and China ensure you get an optimal solution for your business. Our highly skilled and experienced professionals provide:

  • Analysis of your environment
  • Planning, consultation and proof of concept
  • Deployment: installation and configuration
  • On-site and web based training
  • Technical support and maintenance

Improve your labeling

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For automotive suppliers, one of the primary quality objectives is to avoid mislabeling customer products and shipments. By incorporating NiceLabel in our Error Proofing and Traceability product suite, we are now able to tie in customer EDI and ERP data for shipping and production labeling to ensure that the correct label is always printed. This has yielded immediate results for our automotive customers who have effectively eliminated fines and quality demerits caused by mislabeling. NiceLabel was easy to integrate with our existing software and is the most flexible label design software we have ever worked with, which is critical in the fast changing world of automotive labeling."

Ed Weber
VP Sales and Marketing
ToolWorx Information Products, Inc.

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