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Labeling software

The most affordable way to print labels from a database

Design basic barcode labels in minutes with our easy-to-use label designer.

Use Microsoft Excel as a simple database and spend less time designing and maintaining barcode label formats.


Easily create
barcode labels


Use Excel

Use Excel as
a database



Print to any
type of printer



Meets basic
labeling needs


label design

Easily create barcode labels

Designer Express wizards help you quickly and easily design barcode labels. Start printing finished barcode labels in minutes!

  • Use a wizard to create label templates or use pre-designed label templates
  • Object wizards include counters, prompts and date/time stamps
  • Connect to Excel spreadsheets with Database wizard
  • Create and configure barcodes with Barcode wizard
  • Access comprehensive Clipart library with Graphic wizard

One label design for multiple products

You're already familiar with MS Excel so why not use it to improve your labeling? Rather than create 10 identical barcode labels, design 1 and use 10 rows of spreadsheet data.

  • Design fewer labels templates and get started printing faster
  • Manage your label data easier in a spreadsheet
  • Make maintenance faster by consolidating designs
  • Reduce label design and printing errors
  • Print more efficiently by eliminating print-time data entry
label design software

Print to any type of printer

Use NiceLabel label design software and printer drivers for maximum performance and control of any laser or inkjet printer.

  • Industry standard Windows drivers for 2500+ label printers
  • Native support for your label printers bar codes, fonts, and other features
  • Tested by Microsoft for superior Windows compatibility
  • Support for any printer with a Windows driver

All you need to get started

Designer Express is ideal for simple labelling requirements and includes all common 1D, 2D and composite barcodes.

  • Variable text and bar code fields support database, prompts, counters and date/time stamps
  • Includes over 60 different barcode types
  • Wide selection of graphical objects
  • Variable field and internal printer variable support
label design application


Label Design Basics

Learn about the basic label objects, alignment tools, and variable data integration.


Label Design Webinar

See a comprehensive overview of label design, from basic to advanced customization.


Variable field values

See a quick overview of variable values and how to create variable fields on a label.