NiceLabel to Exhibit at the UDI Conference in Baltimore

27. Oct. 2014

NiceLabel, the world's leading developer of barcode and RFID labeling software and global provider of enterprise labeling solutions, is exhibiting at the UDI Conference 2014, an event dedicated to guidance and training of those impacted by the new UDI Regulation.

The FDA UDI Regulation establishes a single device identification system that is consistent, unambiguous, standardized, and globally harmonized. All manufacturers of medical devices will be required to comply with the new UDI methodology. 

This year’s UDI Conference will provide a forum for the FDA to discuss the details of the Final UDI Regulation and the Global UDI Database (GUDID) Guidance so those impacted understand the components, know how to comply with the new requirements, and are able to develop their own implementation plan. The event takes place at the Hilton Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland October 28-29, 2014.

NiceLabel’s platform is the most trusted label technology available, allowing highly effective solutions for label design, error-free manual printing, automated labeling from business applications and on- premise or cloud hosted web printing. NiceLabel’s next generation technology allows for the building of seamless labeling solutions without any coding, standardizing labeling across extended supply chains, delivering higher efficiency and data accuracy at lower costs. With NiceLabel, organizations can create UDI compliant label templates while at the same time, driving process improvements that ultimately deliver significant cost savings. “Organizations like medical device manufacturers have the opportunity to streamline label printing to improve operational efficiency and agility as part of their UDI compliance effort,” said Lee Patty, VP and General Manager, NiceLabel Americas. “Our customers have realized savings of hundreds of man hours per year and increased production uptime by streamlining label design, approvals and printing processes.”

To learn about NiceLabel’s next generation UDI compliant labeling software, visit NiceLabel in booth 26 at the UDI conference 2014 or