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The fastest way to digitally transform your labeling

NiceLabel Cloud is a cloud-based version of the NiceLabel Label Management System. It enables you to reap all of the benefits of digitally transforming your labeling, including lower costs, improved quality assurance and a faster time-to-market, without a significant upfront investment.

With NiceLabel Cloud, you get an ROI in less than 6 months, and a quick, efficient way to scale standardized labeling to your entire organization and external business partners.

Key Benefits of Cloud Deployment

Quick and easy

Security and high

Reduction of
IT costs

Lower TCO and
subscription model

Futureproof and



How we helped our customers

  • We needed to standardize labeling across our facilities. With NiceLabel Cloud, we have the benefits of a secure SaaS solution, integrated with our existing cloud infrastructure. As our business continues to grow, NiceLabel Cloud gives us an easy way to customize and scale our labeling operations.

    Jay Stowell Director of IT at Wada Farms Marketing Group

  • We were looking for the best solution to streamline labeling in our growing beauty packaging business; NiceLabel Cloud makes it really easy to design, print and manage labels across all our manufacturing plants, helping us to be one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in our sector.

    Marco Orfei IT Manager at Premi SpA

  • We called our labeling service IRIS as it was a messenger of the gods in Greek mythology. It’s associated with something being completely transparent and fast, which we thought was an appropriate name for what we wanted to accomplish: delivering critical real-time labels to highly automated manufacturing and logistics environments.

    Michael Buchmann Solution Architect, Siemens

  • Apparently this platform makes an extreme business case, now that we start getting numbers and projected savings in not lost sales opportunities due to delays in retagging with old solutions. We can now print directly rather than waiting for weeks for supplier’s delivery and not being able to distribute to stores.

    Project Manager International Retailer

NiceLabel Cloud Architecture

Label cloud:
Label management for everyone

NiceLabel now brings its best practice label management system to businesses of all sizes with the introduction of NiceLabel Cloud. It includes everything businesses need to produce accurate, consistent labels:

  • Built-in label designer
  • Document management system for streamlined quality assurance
  • Built-in support for manual and integrated label printing

NiceLabel Cloud removes the costly barriers to entry for any business looking to digitally transform labeling.

NiceLabel Cloud: the quick and easy choice

  • No costly upfront investments in IT infrastructure
  • Flexible, scalable, subscription model
  • ROI in less than 6 months
Looking for a way to get
products to market faster?

Try NiceLabel Cloud, our cloud-based digital label management system.

With NiceLabel Cloud, you get all of the benefits of full-scale label management out of the box. You also get the stability and performance you need for high-volume ticket printing. With the help of NiceLabel Cloud, one of the world’s biggest garment retailers can process returned goods in one day instead of 4 weeks. Shorter processing time, a faster time-to-market, and in the end, increased sales. That’s how NiceLabel Cloud can transform your business.

Take control of your
supply chain with NiceLabel Cloud

NiceLabel Cloud offers you an easy, efficient way of guaranteeing standardized labels wherever they’re printed. It provides a centralized and scalable system that enables you to establish compliant labeling throughout your supply chain. The labeling process is completely transparent. You can manage, track and distribute compliant label formats from a central location. You know exactly how many labels your suppliers are printing, and you have a copy of all label information in NiceLabel Cloud’s built-in document management system.

Easy for your suppliers, easy for you

With NiceLabel Cloud, your suppliers don’t have to invest in IT infrastructure or labeling software. The Cloud takes care of all of that. The suppliers simply log in to the web-based interface and print your approved labels. The result is a fully standardized labeling process throughout your supply chain.

Central solution for local
re-labeling requirements

NiceLabel Cloud is a fast and efficient way to meet local labeling regulations in any market where you do business. It is an out-of-the-box label management system in the cloud that enables you to print labels compliant with local regulations and language requirements, while keeping central control over label templates and data.

NiceLabel Cloud offers:

  • Quick and easy implementation
  • A scalable, pay-as-you-go solution
  • Lower total cost of ownership vs on-premise solution
  • ROI in less than 6 months

Your business benefits from:

  • Increased agility resulting in faster time-to-market
  • Quick and easy scalability
  • Out-of-the-box support for all languages and regulations
Food safety

Accurate allergen and nutrition facts labeling is becoming a critical component in the food business. NiceLabel Cloud helps you ensure accurate product information in all retail locations. It also enables you to easily comply with different regulations in different countries.

With NiceLabel Cloud, you can:

  • Centrally manage label templates and data
  • Instantly deploy approved labels to all locations
  • Simplify compliance with local requirements

NiceLabel Cloud is a centralized and hosted solution, which also reduces your IT costs.

  • No costly upfront investments in IT infrastructure
  • Easily deploy regulatory-compliant and accurate labeling
  • ROI in less than 6 months

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