FAQ about Label Cloud


Yes, a free 30-day trial is available. You can request a trial on our website or from your supplier of NiceLabel software.

Yes, you can continue using the existing system and settings. We will just convert your trial into a payable subscription account.

Besides time, there are no other limitations and all features of the selected product can be evaluated.

You can add more printers to your subscription at any time. We will invoice you for the additional printers at a prorated amount to align with your current subscription.

Hosting & Security

NiceLabel has many years of experience of offering Cloud labeling solutions to some of the most demanding customer environments. Label Cloud is hosted on Microsoft’s reliable Azure platform, ensuring world-class infrastructure and availability.

Label Cloud architecture prioritizes high security and availability and eliminates single points of failure with multiple redundancies. We work in collaboration with Microsoft architects to build Label Cloud following best practices.

Microsoft features Label Cloud in their global catalogue of Azure-based solutions.

NiceLabel makes significant efforts to ensure Label Cloud security. We implement the latest security standards and perform automatic and manual Label Cloud security checks.

By running on Microsoft Azure, Label Cloud inherits many platform and infrastructure security approaches and best-practice implementations.

We’re committed to providing you trustworthy service while applying policies, technologies, and controls to protect data you entrust to Label Cloud.

NiceLabel commissioned a web and desktop application security assessment and vulnerability test (including penetration testing). It was conducted by Viris d.o.o. using the OWASP Testing Guide.

NiceLabel will continue to commission periodic testing with all future product releases. Viris is a leading provider of security research, penetration test services, and source code review. More information on the test organization can be found at www.viris.si.

The full report from Viris is available upon request after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Yes, more information is available on Microsoft ’s website.

Performance and availability

We openly showcase the reliability of Label Cloud on our Label Cloud Status pages where you can view live status information on the services that are part of NiceLabel Label Cloud platform.

The status page is accessible at: https://status.onnicelabel.com. We guarantee 99.5% service uptime for Label Cloud. While the service can also deal with connectivity interrupts, reasonably reliable internet connectivity needs to be assured by the end user.

Uninterrupted label printing is Label Cloud’s most mission-critical process. NiceLabel web applications are designed to run in offline mode so you can still print while being offline.

With system configuration, you can print in offline mode for up to 5 days. After a connection is re-established, Label Cloud will also synchronize print history to the document management system.

For more information, see the knowledge base article “Offline Access”.


No. Your data is encrypted and can only be accessed with sufficient access rights. As a standard, neither NiceLabel nor your supplier have access rights.

You may provide your supplier of NiceLabel software with access rights, so that you can share label templates and collaborate on their design and approval.

Here’s Microsoft’s information regarding data accessibility.

With the Label Cloud Business and Label Cloud Compliance Editions, you get your own SQL Azure cloud database which you can configure to store the data for you labels.

If your data already resides in a 3rd party business system (ERP, MES, WMS) we recommend you integrate printing with that system using our integration system.

With Label Cloud Essentials you can simply use Excel and Access files which you store and manage in Label Cloud’s document management system.


NiceLabel Label Cloud includes:

  • A modern HTML web-based Document Management System that represents the heart of Label Cloud and stores all label documents and configurations in a central database. You can think of it as SharePoint for labeling.
  • An easy-to-use Label Designer that empowers business users to create labels without IT assistance. It comes with a familiar Microsoft Word-like user experience, so no IT and coding knowledge is needed to design labels.  The designer also comes with an application builder that enables users to design special label printing forms or other label applications.
  • A Web Printing System that enables users to centrally manage all printing applications and easily deploy them to multiple sites, locations and third-party suppliers, contractors and vendors. With a single click, via a web browser.
  • An Integration system that integrates label printing with SAP or other business systems to increase label accuracy, printing efficiency and to establish a single source of truth for your labeling data.

Yes. Through NiceLabel’s partnership with Zebra and Sato, Label Cloud works seamlessly with cloud-connected printers. You can print from your cloud-based business applications directly to your cloud-connected printers.

No local NiceLabel footprint, no local print servers and no printer driver installation and maintenance needed.