Compliance With GS1: The Universal Language for Business

Barcoding and labeling your way to a stronger position in the global supply chain

GS1 sets the standards in how businesses and trade items communicate with one another and move along the supply chain. Creating optimized and successful barcodes is essential to the accurate flow of information, and the means to transforming the way people live and work.

The standards, specifications and different types of barcodes and labels can be confusing, but what you need is a good handbook to help things along and get you complying with GS1.


the complete set of guides to learn about GS1.

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Learn about GS1 from these free resources

GS1 label basics


The GS1 Handbook: How To Barcode Your Product

Understand the GS1 system and its benefits, and learn how to implement accurate barcodes that scan successfully every time!


Understanding your GTIN


Understanding GTIN to Identify Your Products

GTIN is the term that will frequently come up on any task related to the GS1, and is a prerequisite to creating accurate barcodes.


Logistic units for shipping


Identifying Logistic Units To Prepare For Shipping

Logistic units transported along the supply chain need unique identification numbers just like trade items and this is exactly what the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is for.