PowerForms Suite
Intuitive Office 365 style user interface 
Extensive contextual help with inline tips to empower business users
Free phone and e-mail technical support for software evaluation and registered users
20 User interface Languages
Accepts and prints data in any language - Unicode data support
Single straightforward installer for 32 and 64 bit environments
Users or Printers Single user and unlimited printers Single user and unlimited printers or
unlimited users and 3,5 or 10 printers
Unlimited users and 3,5 or 10 printers
Label setup wizard for quick start with best printing quality and performance
Text, barcodes, lines, boxes, circles, clip art, images and PDF files
Print objects in reverse/negative: white on black
Windows system and built-in printer fonts support
Rich text object including powerful editor with support for tables and more  
Printing of supply chain documents like delivery notes, pick lists, packing slips, reports, etc.    
Object panel to quickly find and manage objects on the complex label templates  
Extensive RFID support  
Fit-text-to-box (dynamic point size)  
Text on ellipse  
Wrap-text-to-shape (word-wrapping and text justification to non-rectangular shapes)  
Object alignment tools with snap-to-objects and arbitrary rotation of all objects
Relative object positioning and variable label length  
Library of ready-to-use international standards compliance label templates  
More than 70 linear and 2D barcode symbologies with support for printer-based barcodes
Intuitive GS1 Application Identifier Data Source Wizard
Automatic check digit calculation
Place "human readable" text anywhere in relation to barcodes
Customizable "human readable" character template
Object printing based on dynamic data (business rules)  
Unlimited undo and redo commands
Security: lock label design with a password  
Single screen for straightforward management of dynamic data (Dynamic Data Manager)  
Import and Export Dynamic data definitions  
Keyboard or scanner input at print time
Decimal counters
Full serialization including support for printer-based serial numbers  
Date and Time fields sourced from PC or Printer
Print data from Excel and text files
Full database connectivity to almost any existing database  
Custom SQL database queries  
Reusable connections to multiple databases and tables within the label or solution  
Variable graphic fields including graphics sourced from database and base64-encoded data  
10+ prebuilt functions for efficient data concatenation and processing  
VBScript and Python scripting for custom data processing  
Auto-built, all-in-one printing form with data entry controls and dynamic print job preview
Customizable data-entry filters and error checking
 Print time database record selection on a single screen
Secure operator environment for efficient document selection and printing (NiceLabel Print)
Single click creation of shortcuts for printing
Adaptable print form for improved control and efficiency (recommended for touch screens)  
Responsive form design to fit different screen resolutions  
Spellchecking for manual data entry    
Integrated no-programming graphical application builder for building efficient labelling solutions for controlled printing    
Fully configurable user experience with 15+ prebuilt user interface controls and support for multiple forms    
Workflow and business rules editor including 40+ actions for printing labels, database queries, integrations with scales, PLCs…    
Solution document type can contain multiple labels and forms for improved dynamic data management and portability    
Integrated PDF engine for optimized PDF document creation without 3rd party tools    
Support for multi-lingual custom applications    
Interface and control peripheral devices, weight scales, PLCs…    
Automatic serial port monitoring for Weight Scale Integration    
Dynamic stock switching – print the same template in different rotations and on different media types    
Native 32 and 64-bit Windows service for printing integration (Automation Easy)    
Graphical integration builder for no-programing integration configuration     
4 prebuilt connectors (File drop, Serial port, Database and TCP/IP socket) for integration with wide variety of systems and devices    
Workflow and business rules editor including 15+ actions for printing labels, data processing and network communication    
Dynamic print job preview during configuration     
Structured text data (CSV and fixed-width columns) processing     
NiceLabel JOB and XML format data processing     
Unstructured text and binary data processing    
Dedicated integration manager with extensive logging    
.NET API for programing integration    
Native support for 4000+ label and marking devices
Support for all laser/inkjet printers with a Windows driver
Local and network printer support
Speed optimization reuses repeating data instead of resending it
Session print - combines multiple labels in a single print job for performance
Color separation (for GHS labeling)  
Batch printing: header and tail labels  
Two-sided ("duplex") design and printing  
Advanced printer cutter control  
Store and Recall label templates from printer's memory