Software as glue – connecting smart technology with manufacturing

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“There’s a new era of manufacturing,” General Electric’s President of Transportation Jamie Miller told an audience of manufacturers at a major industry conference in Chicago in May.

“The Industrial Internet isn’t just a probability, it’s really here today,” said Miller at MESA 2016. Additive 3D printing, lean and virtual manufacturing, sensor-based technologies and supply chain optimization are revolutionizing GE’s operations, she said.

There are now 75 GE factories worldwide (out of 450) that combine these factors to manufacture items such as aircraft components, with software acting as the ‘glue’ to connect smart technology and manufacturing.

Overall, the ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ (IIOT) will form a market worth US $225 billion by 2020.

Delegates at MESA 2016 looked ahead to a future where software will bind together the data from sensors with manufacturing applications, through powerful analytic tools, engineering science and cloud infrastructure.

At NiceLabel, we are committed to this future and in upcoming posts we will highlight some of our most innovative developments.

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