Process Optimization – the NiceLabel Solution

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Process Optimization – the NiceLabel Solution

Lower costs, greater responsiveness, more efficient compliance, easier data management…the list of advantages that NiceLabel offers its customers takes Lee Patty, Vice President and General Manager for the Americas, a while to get through.

“The main thing we offer is process improvement,” says Patty from his base in Wisconsin. “We take a consultative approach, helping companies modernize their systems and achieve return on investment. We sell solutions, not products.”

Industry Specific Knowledge

NiceLabel has grown at an impressive rate in recent years, averaging between 30 and 40 percent annually. Its customers include Arla, Abbott, Domtar, Wurth, Baxter and Krka.

For many NiceLabel customers, whether in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage or elsewhere, their labeling systems are anywhere from 15 to 20 years old and in need of an overhaul. So rather than simply updating the system, Patty often proposes a more fundamental upgrade to the labeling process, with multiple associated benefits.

A SMART Approach

“Labeling practices and software have become dated at many enterprises. They’ve not kept pace with changing business needs. We offer improved agility, so that labeling doesn’t become a bottleneck,” he explains. “We help customers comply with UDI regulations – something that has become a major talking point in recent years – and can help them prepare for emerging “track and trace” technology. And we help customers to see where their inefficiencies are; how they can optimize and improve their processes.”

In many cases, shifting the responsibility for labeling design and implementation from the IT department – an expensive resource – to business users, or ‘internal customers’ as they may be known, achieves dual benefits: it lowers costs and improves responsiveness. Adopting virtualization technology, such as cloud computing, can radically reduce costs, for example.

Highly Experienced

NiceLabel’s years of experience, dating back to the 1990s, serves as a tremendous resource for its customers today, says Patty. “We can serve the needs of a $25 million company or a $20 billion company. In fact, their needs are remarkably similar: they may both need to comply with FDA regulations, for example. So we can take the knowledge we’ve gained from working with the $20 billion corporation and apply it to the $25 million company, bringing in best practice.”

Many companies manage thousands of label template variations. NiceLabel will help a company consolidate those templates down to 10 or 20 which can form the core of a document management system for labels where all label data is indexed and searchable. “We manage data rather than labels,” concludes Patty. “This is the kind of conversation we like to have with customers, talking about an entire process improvement which can transform their business.”

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