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Transforming an Industry and Now Our Brand

Over the past 30 years, we’ve been busy transforming the labeling industry. Now, following the recent combination of Loftware and NiceLabel, we’re redefining ourselves and transforming our identity with a new unified brand that highlights the spirit of our combined organization.

About Loftware NiceLabel

What's the true cost
of your labeling?

Turn hidden costs into visible savings with a modern
labeling solution available in the cloud or on-premise.

NiceLabel Vision

Which labeling solution is right for your business?

Whether you have 5 printers or 500, looking for on-premise or cloud, we've got a labeling solution that fits your business requirements.


For businesses of all sizes

Use cloud to design and store labels centrally. Access and print them from anywhere.

  • Deploy your labeling solution in minutes
  • Simply design labels from any computer in any location
  • Securely store and manage labels and data in the cloud
  • Integrate labeling with your product data
  • Easily scale printing across your business
  • Pay on subscription and lower your TCO
  • Print without any local infrastructure
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For enterprises

Standardize your global labeling process on one platform, available in the cloud or on-premise.

  • Design, review, approve and manage labeling from a centralized database
  • Streamline label design process with an easy to use label designer
  • Configure efficient label printing interfaces for the print operators
  • Integrate label printing with databases and business systems
  • Extend standardized labeling throughout the supply chain
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Designers &
Desktop solutions

For single site, smaller businesses

Easily start designing and printing barcode labels.

  • Create labels in minutes; no coding or advanced computer skills needed
  • Reduce cost and complexity of labels with intelligent, universal label templates
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Industries we serve

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Our customers that have transformed their labeling

Survey results: How manufacturers can reduce the costs of mislabeling and increase supply chain efficiency

A recent study of 300 IT directors confirmed that modernization of IT systems, coupled with the centralization of labeling solutions is a good first step; add to that moving to the cloud and a focus on tighter systems integration and you have the winning formula.

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Download ebook: How manufacturers can reduce the costs of mislabeling and increase supply chain efficiency

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