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Differences in NiceLabel 2019 compared with NiceLabel 2017

NiceLabel 2019 is the next logical step in evolution of the new-generation NiceLabel software that started with NiceLabel 2017. NiceLabel 2019 is built upon NiceLabel 2017 and shares the same core components.

NiceLabel 2017 files are 100% compatible with NiceLabel 2019. You can use all existing label assets that you created with NiceLabel 2017 without any need for conversion or migration.

NiceLabel 2019 does bring some changes and improvements. Some functionality is processed differently than in NiceLabel 2017. This topic lists such differences.

For more information about what is new in NiceLabel 2019, see Release Notes.

Label design and print

Local database replacements do not work without a manual reconfiguration

NiceLabel 2019 centralizes the database replacement strings configuration on the Control Center. All NiceLabel print clients will use that central configuration. If you make an upgrade from NiceLabel 2017 and want to use the per-client configuration of the connecting string replacements, you must re-configure the client to use the local configuration.

Do the following:

  1. Go to NiceLabel system folder.
    c:\ProgramData\NiceLabel\NiceLabel 2019
  2. Make a backup of product.config file.
  3. Open product.config in text editor.
  4. Add an XML element UseLocalReplacementStrings inside /Common/General node.
  5. Set its value to True.
  6. Save the file.

NOTE: The connection string replacements only have effect on NiceLabel printing clients (NiceLabel Print, NiceLabel Automation, NiceLabel Web Client), not on the NiceLabel Designer.

Clipart library

The cliparts are no longer included with NiceLabel 2019. The cliparts need a major update to be in line with the regulatory compliance changes in the recent years.

If you upgrade from NiceLabel 2017, we will keep the existing version of the cliparts on your system.

NiceLabel 2019 and NiceLabel 2017 cannot be installed at the same time

NiceLabel 2019 and NiceLabel 2017 cannot coexist on the same system. When you upgrade to NiceLabel 2019, NiceLabel 2017 is removed and is replaced with NiceLabel 2019.

Printer settings from the printer driver are default

When you create a new label and select a printer driver, there is a new default for where the printer settings are loaded. These are the settings that control the label printer, such as speed, darkness, offsets and similar fine-tuning of the printer.

When you go printing a label, the printer settings are now loaded from the printer driver. The previous default was that the label file itself contained a copy of the printer settings.

The experience from the printer usage suggests that the best practice is configuring these settings in the printer driver. These settings can be modified for the production environment on the stop. Typically, the production users do not have access to the label design, but they have access to the printer driver.

This new default does not affect the existing labels.

If you prefer the old default, you can select it in program options: File>Options>Designer.

NiceLabel Print not connecting to Web locations

NiceLabel Print no longer supports loading labels and Web solutions from the PowerForms Web server. You can use NiceLabel Print to load labels and solutions from your local or network accessible locations.

To use labels and to run solutions from PowerForms Web server, use the NiceLabel Web Client.

Document management system

Reconfiguration of web applications recommended after upgrade

NiceLabel 2019 will convert the Web printing applications from the old "Web Clients" into new "Web Applications" in the Control Center. The application registration is changed, but the label and solution files remain unmodified.

You can reconfigure the registration of Web Applications and merge some of them into one to make the list tidier. NiceLabel 2019 no longer requires you to create separate "Web Clients" to run the same solution. Now, you can assign the same user to run several Web Applications. If the user is assigned to two or more applications, a selector will display on startup.

Licensed printers moved in Printers tab

The view of all currently occupied printer seats has been moved from Administration tab into the Printer tab. The page displays aggregated list of all printers that have been used in your print environment in the last 7 days. Here is where you can reserve printers to make sure they are always licensed for printing.

Printer management and monitoring

NiceLabel Label Cloud continues to display the printer status and printing activities in real-time and delivers printer "remote control" by issuing pause / resume / delete commands for print jobs in queue.

The Control Center monitors and lists only printers that are licensed. These are printers that occupy a license either through a label print or via manual reservation.

Label Cloud vs on-premise LMS Enterprise

See the KB article Differences between Label Cloud and on-premise LMS Enterprise.

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