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  • Differences in NiceLabel 2017 compared with NiceLabel 6

    Article ID: 282 - Updated: - Products: - Version: V7 - Category: Compatibility and Migration

    Introduction NiceLabel 2017 is the next-generation of NiceLabel software; built from the ground up on a .NET platform. NiceLabel 2017 inherits a lot of the concepts and functionality from the NiceLabel 6 software, but is based on new technology. As such, some of...

  • Label objects print as black rectangles or no label preview is shown in Document Management System

    Article ID: 292 - Updated: - Products: - Version: V7,V1 - Category: Fixed Issues

    When using NiceLabel Automation for label printing, some label objects print as black images (black rectangles) and not with the defined content. The following label objects are affected: 2D codes, Rich Text box. When you preview the label in Document Management...

  • Connection to Excel .XLS data sources fails when using Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider

    Article ID: 293 - Updated: - Products: - Version: any - Category: Fixed Issues

    When you use NiceLabel to connect to Excel .XLS type of data files, NiceLabel will use database driver "Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider" by default. After October 10, 2017, you might not be able to connect to such data sources anymore. NOTE: Connection to .XLSX...