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​Creating a more efficient labeling process through integration

Swenco Limited is North America’s leading manufacturer and distributor of components for the safety footwear industry. Labels feature into every aspect of Swenco’s manufacturing process, from production and shipping to the warehouse floor and inventory.

The company has three main label types: product labels, shipping labels and process cards. All of these labels have different sizes and formats, and they were printed using multiple printers in different environments. 

Prior to implementing NiceLabel Swenco’s labeling was outsourced and this model lacked the flexibility they needed to be able to make label changes quickly, and left them with lots of redundant labels. Swenco’s labeling also wasn’t integrated with their ERP system.

Using NiceLabel, Swenco’s was able to unify label production and printing onto one platform - learn more about the enormous benefits they have experienced.

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