NiceLabel and Zebra Technologies leverage “Internet of Things” technology to boost enterprise supply chain efficiency

30. Apr. 2015

NiceLabel, the leading developer of barcode and RFID labeling software and next-generation enterprise labeling solutions is working with Zebra Technologies’ Zatar Internet of Things (IoT) platform to help larger organizations increase supply chain agility and reduce operational costs. Zatar is Zebra Technologies’ global cloud-based IoT platform, which enables businesses and developers to build custom applications to manage their assets.

Label printing across the enterprise supply chain today is very complex and expensive, leading to misplaced shipments, delays and disappointed customers.

NiceLabel’s enterprise labeling platform leverages Zebra’s Zatar IoT enablement platform, allowing cloud label printing and management from the platform and other software systems including mobile applications on the go. This solution helps shorten production setup times and reduce IT burden while increasing customer responsiveness across the supply chain.

The NiceLabel enterprise platform helps larger organizations achieve levels of supply chain agility that were previously unattainable,” said Ken Moir, Marketing Director at NiceLabel. “Customers that have implemented the NiceLabel enterprise platform have realized significant savings and made their supply chain more agile, responsive, and competitive.