Introducing our new office: NiceLabel Germany

22. Sep. 2008

We are introducing our successful entry on a German market with a new office – NiceLabel Germany. It  is a direct response to high dynamics and excellent potential Euro Plus recognizes on the strong German market.

With its base in Obertshausen, NiceLabel Germany is lead by Thomas Beyer, a highly experienced and professional expert in labeling solutions industry. The product range of the company is based on NiceLabel, a family of professional labeling software for complete bar code, labeling, RFID and printing solutions for desktop, enterprise and mobile users, addressing the needs of various local industries, such as automotive, agricultural, warehousing, distribution and retail.

We would like to stress out two key benefits we are presenting our business partners with: local presence and support. NiceLabel Germany will become the central point from which the access to all customers will be easy, customized and very competitive.

You are welcome to visit our completely new website to explore all possibilities and new opportunities NiceLabel Germany can offer you! 

More information about NiceLabel Germany available here.