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Dairy Reporter explores how NiceLabel helped a large food company gain competitive advantage

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Dairy Reporter recently sat down with NiceLabel VP Marketing Ken Moir to discuss how the world’s largest manufacturer of organic dairy products standardized its label management for all of its industrial printers. The next generation technology enabled the company to streamline production and position the company for future growth. The solution is applicable to any food and beverage company.

The global dairy company, consisting of more than 70 sites around the world, faced a range of challenges to provide accurately labeled products. They were looking for a single solution with a standardized method of integration between each dairy’s label and direct marking printers and the Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

NiceLabel helped the company became an innovator by deploying the first standardized label management solution, in the food and beverage industry, for all of their labeling and marking printers.

”They are the first company in the world that’s actually unified their labeling and marking and we’ve got the first label management system in the world that supports both labeling and marking. What is really new is that is the first unified label management system that supports label printers and other packaging printers,” points out Moir.

By modernizing their labeling, the company significantly reduced costs and increased label and marking accuracy and productivity. It now has a more transparent label management process, which helps them ensure accurate product and production data throughout the entire label-printing process. The system does not allow human data entry error and there is a huge cost benefit related to direct costs, including the known costs. This includes the cost of labor and streamlining the process. Indirect costs are addressed by the integration, such as avoiding quarantine, rework, and extra labor looking for errors.

In happy client’s words, “we‘ve definitely seen an increase in productivity thanks to the solution. Our labeling systems run more efficiently. We no longer spend time mitigating manual data entry errors and we’ve been able to streamline support as well.”

“The system is developed for Food and Beverage industry and works whether you’re a small company or whether you’re a global manufacturer,” concludes Moir.

The full interview is available on Dairy Reporter website.

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