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Join us for the launch of Label Cloud Compliance and the new 2019.3 software release

Join our customer webinar where we will explore the exciting new Label cloud Compliance product and the enhanced feature set of the NiceLabel software available to you.

Label Cloud Compliance

This new edition of Label Cloud provides regulated life sciences companies with a compliant labeling process that meets evolving FDA and EU regulatory requirements. 

NiceLabel 2019.3 

NiceLabel 2019.3 brings several new benefits to you:

  • Supply chain document printing allows you to print product labels and supply chain documents like pick lists and packing slips with the same software.
  • An object browser in the Designer makes it easier for you to work with complex label templates that have dynamic content, overlapping objects and multiple layers.
  • Modifying label template during printing allows you to override label properties in your template with custom values for your printer model. You can also adjust label definitions just before you print (available with PowerForms editions and above).
  • Instant print capability enables you to assign Web printing applications to a folder in your Document Management System.
  • A web-based automation manager in Control Center streamlines integration and allows you to centrally manage all integrations from a browser (available with LMS Enterprise).
  • New and improved SAP ABAP integration supports supply chain document printing, printing to IoT cloud printers and the ability to extract data sources from SAP for streamlined design. 
  • New out-of-the-box integrations with other cloud business systems make integrations with Label Cloud much easier, simpler and faster.  
  • Support for OpenID Connect authentication provider simplifies role-based access and adds new options for single sign-on.
  • An updated help platform provides a modern visual interface, clear structure and improved navigation.

Webinar language: English

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