It is time to transform your labeling...

Traditionally, companies have relied on label or forms design software to support their entire labeling process. The costs of this legacy approach are greater than many companies realize.

By digitally transforming their labeling, companies can reduce the direct and indirect costs of their labeling, and avoid missed opportunities.

Find out how our Label Management System helps you transform and reduce the total cost of your labeling.

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NiceLabel Named as a Leader in IDC MarketScape

Source: IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Enterprise Labeling Application 2018 Vendor Assessment

Digital transformation reduces labeling costs

A return on investment in less than one year

Our Label Management System, moves label design and maintenance out of the IT department and into the hands of the business users. By empowering business users to respond to label change requests without IT assistance, you save time and free up costly IT resources to perform more value-adding tasks.

The resulting savings have given our customers a return on investment in less than one year.

93% of customers experienced direct cost savings. 12% of customers achieved direct cost savings of more than 50%.

Source: NiceLabel customer survey

An apparel/garment manufacturer has eliminated custom IT development required for different markets, saving $45,000.

Source: AV Consulting research

A retailer has reduced labor costs due to labeling process improvement in the warehouse to achieve $100,000 annual savings.

Source: AV Consulting research

Improve quality while reducing cost

Errors can be costly to your business and can result in everything from product re-working to product recalls. Eliminating manual data entry drastically reduces the risk of error.

Our Label Management System enables you to digitize quality control tasks and automate quality assurance processes. This transformation reduces costs while improving quality.

82% of customers experienced cost savings from error reduction. 24% of customers achieved indirect cost savings of more than $10,000 per location.

Source: NiceLabel customer survey

A customer from the medical devices industry has streamlined label quality control processes, resulting in annual savings of $30,000.

Source: AV Consulting research

A customer from the food and beverage industry has reduced product returns due to labeling errors to achieve annual savings of $350,000.

Source: AV Consulting research

Achieve business gains beyond increased productivity

The key to staying competitive is being able to respond rapidly to changing market demands and requirements. Our Label Management System instills agility into all stages of the labeling process, resulting in faster time-to-market and increased sales.

As you expand, you can quickly establish consistent labeling processes across all your locations and extend these to business partners to transform your supply chain. The end result is a more efficient business, leading to financial gains far beyond those achieved through increased productivity.

76% of the LMS customers surveyed have reduced time-to-market with our Label Management System.

Source: NiceLabel customer survey

A home goods manufacturer has reduced stock inventory by $62 million and achieved $6 million in annual cost savings in financing and handling of inventory.

Source: AV Consulting research

An omni-channel retailer processes product returns faster and moves inventory more quickly to achieve $48 million in additional annual profit.

Source: AV Consulting research


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Siemens digitally transformed their labeling and achieved ROI in 4 months.

Find out how Siemens Manufacturing Operations went from a disconnected environment with multiple label printing solutions to a fully standardized labeling operation.

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NiceLabel fundamentally transforms
legacy approaches to labeling


Challenges of legacy labeling

  • Disparate and fragmented applications
  • IT dependency for label design
  • Labor intensive quality assurance
  • Slow change management and deployment
  • High risk of printing errors

Benefits of our label management system

  • Standardized all-in-one platform
  • Agile design by business users
  • Streamlined digitalized quality assurance
  • Instant web deployment of standardized printing
  • Accurate printing from single source of truth

Our customers that have transformed their labeling


Learn how to digitally transform your labeling process

The key benefits of a modern Label Management System

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