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Whenever you switch on the thermal printer, Windows detects a new device and tries to install the drivers again


Whenever I switch on my thermal printer, Windows detects a new device and tries to install the drivers again. How to properly install NiceDriver for such printer?


Some thermal printers are capable of bi-directional communication with the printer. When you connect such printer to the computer running Windows operating system, Windows will detect a device and try to install the drivers for a device. Such printers follow 'Plug and Play' directive and provide their specifications to the Windows operating system for one purpose - easier installation of the printer driver.

Usually Windows will not have the driver for your thermal printer ready and will prompt you for the location of the driver.

If you see the message about the new device displayed each time you switch on the printer, you did not properly install the printer driver. To install the NiceDriver correctly, do the following:

  1. Connect your thermal printer to the computer using parallel port or USB interfaces.
  2. Switch on the printer.
    Windows will detect new device. You will see the message 'New Hardware Found'.
  3. Click Next until you reach the step 'Add Printer Wizard'.
  4. Click the 'Have a disk' button.
  5. Browse to the folder with NiceDriver for your printer model.
    If you have NiceLabel CD handy browse to the folder Drivers\9X2000XP.
    If you do not have NiceLabel CD handy, download appropriate NiceDriver from NiceLabel website, run the downloaded file, then browse to the folder C:\NiceDrivers\\9X2000XP.
  6. Follow on-screen instructions in the 'Add Printer Wizard'.
    The next time you will switch on your printer, Windows will not find the new device any more.

If you still see the 'New Hardware Found' message, do the following:

  1. Make sure you have followed the steps above.
  2. Make sure you are installing the latest NiceDrivers that have 'Plug and Play' support built-in. The latest version is always accessible on NiceLabel website.
  3. Contact NiceLabel technical support.

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