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When using Excel database the "Database login" dialog box is shown at form start-up and data from Excel does not show


Cause 1

You do not have the Microsoft Office data access components installed on your computer. Without the data components the applications cannot access the data in Excel files.

Cause 2

The problem originates in the fact is that two different applications cannot access Excel spreadsheet at the same given time. MS Excel itself can handle multiple connection to the same .XLS and if you open the .XLS file in one instance of MS Excel, it will be opened in read/write mode. If then some other user opens the same file in his instance of MS Excel, he will be prompted that only read-only mode is available to access the file.

But if you connect to MS Excel spreadsheet from some other application, the first user will be allowed to connect to it and will lock the file. So the second user is not allows the connection to the spreadsheet and will see the "Database login" dialog box.


Solution 1

Install Microsoft Office 12.0 Access Database Engine OLE DB Provider. Download it from Microsoft Web site.

Also see the KB article Connectivity to Office documents on 64 bit platforms.

Solution 2

Suggestion 1
Disable Data view in NiceLabel Pro software and enable Normal view. This can be performed in View menu. Data view is used to preview the data values for the current record on the label. In order to to that NiceLabel Pro has to connect to MS Excel spreadsheet and thus locks the file. If NiceLabel Pro does not preview the data on the label, NiceForm will be able to connect to the same Excel spreadsheet.

Suggestion 2
Do not make connection to the database on the label at all. Instead create prompted variables on the label. Connect to the database only in NiceForm. Then make sure to map the database fields and label variables together in order for databsae values to be transferred to the variables.

Suggestion 3
Convert your .XLSX file into .XLS format and connect to that.

In this case NiceForm is the only application connecting to the Excel spreadsheet and "Database login" dialog box will not be shown.

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