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When running NiceLabel Network client the licenses seem to be lost and you have to re-activate the server


You have purchased the NiceLabel edition NiceLabel Suite with network licensing. You have installed NiceLabel Network server to your server computer. Then you have installed the NiceLabel client on the same server computer. Using this client you have activated the NiceLabel server installation. You can start and use NiceLabel client.

You have then installed another NiceLabel client to a remote workstation. When you have run this client for the first time, you needed to activate it. During the client activation process you have pointed to the NiceLabel server location of the server computer, but no activation data was available. It looked like the NiceLabel server was not activated at all.

If you wanted to run this second client (from the workstation), you had to activate the NiceLabel server again. When you run the NiceLabel client after the second activation, it started and you were able to use it.

But, when you wanted to start the NiceLabel client installed locally on the server again, the local client also assumed the NiceLabel server is not activated. To get it working, you would need to activate the server again and you would find yourself spinning in the vicious circle.

You just did not make all NiceLabel clients (installed locally on the server and remotely on workstations) work at the same time.


The reason that this situation occurs is that the first client was not properly activated when installed directly on the server. Each client is activated by providing the path to the NiceLabel network server in the activation application.

Each client must be activated using the UNC style network path syntax, not the syntax with local drives or shared drives.

Let's assume you have your NiceLabel Server installed on the server computer named SERVER in the folder C:\NiceLabel. This folder is shared as NiceLabel to the users. The users have mapped this network share to disk H: on their workstations.

During the client activation you must point to the location of this folder. At this time the client recognizes the activated server and can claim the license. The valid method to access the folder is to use the following UNC syntax: \\SERVER\NiceLabel


C:\NiceLabel (if you are activating the client installed on the server computer)
H:\ (if you are activating the client installed on some workstation)

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