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Using Webex for teleconference


What is WebEx? How to use it and what it is good for?


WebEx is the online web meeting system. It hosts web meetings or web conferences. NiceLabel Technical Support team primarily uses it for handling support incidents that require attention in-person.

WebEx gives NiceLabel technicians access to your computer from our central location. You can show the problem on your computer and we watch. If needed; we can take control of your computer upon your approval.

Not all problem reports received in the emails are always entirely understandable. Sometimes language barrier represents a problem, sometimes the user is not skilled enough to describe the problem in enough detail. Using WebEx we can connect to your computer and just look at the problem. Some errors also cannot be reproduced on the available test systems. In some cases the problem is triggered only under certain circumstances or combinations of installed software. Again, WebEx is tremendously useful in such cases. You can simply show us the problem.

All that is needed for WebEx to work is the connection to the internet. If you can browse internet websites from your computer, you are already set for WebEx. WebEx operates on TCP/IP port 80 so no extra settings on the company's firewall are necessary. No extra communication parameters need to be set up. WebEx is safe to be used.

When NiceLabel support technician sets up WebEx meeting, you will receive the invitation for it in the email. Follow the instructions in the email to get connected. As a quick solution to stay in touch with the Technical Support technician there is chat utility available inside WebEx. Usually the telephone communication is used for voice and WebEx for graphic.

Before the first use of WebEx on your system, you will be prompted to install 'WebEx Client' from 'WebEx coomuncation Inc.'. It is safe to install this ActiveX component. When the component is run, the WebEx session will begin with the Meeting Manager.

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