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Using project folders to manage files needed on the label or form


I create a project with labels and forms for my customer, but when I copy the files to user's computer, not all files used in the project (databases, images...) are found.


When you place an image to the label or create a connection to the database, NiceLabel and NiceForm remember the original location of these files. On the customer's computer you have copied the files to some other folder and this is the reason for failure.

However, NiceLabel software does not query only the original location of the files, but has comprehensive check algorithm to search other locations as well. It is able to search for such files not only in the absolute folders (where the files originate from), but can check for them using relative paths.

This is how the searching for associated files is performed. There are four levels of search. If the file is not found in the current level, the next level is tried.

Level 1.: The defined folders are checked
Designed files with links to:

Level 2.: The folders of NiceLabel preferences are checked
These folders can be modified in the Directories tab of NiceLabel preferences - accessible from Preferences command in Tools menu).
C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\My Labels\Labels\label.lbl
C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\My Labels\Forms\form.xff
C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\My Labels\Database\products.db
C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\My Labels\Graphics\logo.bmp

Level 3: The current folder is checked
The current folder is the one containing the opened label file .LBL.

Level 4: The "labels, forms, database, graphics" structure is checked
D:\New folder\Project\Labels\label.lbl
D:\New folder\Project\Forms\form.xff
D:\New folder\Project\Database\products.db
D:\New folder\Project\Graphics\logo.bmp

To make sure that your solution for the customer will work independently of the folder to which you have copied the files always use the folder structure as suggested in Level 4. Follow these steps to create the proper folder structure, when you start working on the project that will be running on some other computer, not your design computer.

  1. Create a folder for your project, for example 'Project'.
  2. Make four sub-folders in this folder. Name them Labels, Forms, Database and Graphics. It is important to use these exact folder names in English.
  3. Create or copy the files in the appropriate folders: labels go into Labels folder, forms go into Forms folder, database files must be stored into Database folder and images must be saved into Graphics folder.
    This folder structure will ensure that the associated files will always be found, no matter where the location of the master Project folder. The relative positions between files in these sub-folders will always be the same, no matter where the 'Project' folder is stored.

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