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Using NiceWatch in the service mode


NiceWatch does not work in service mode. Triggers do not run.


Please follow the check-list below and make sure your set-up complies with them.

Note: For additional information for troubleshooting NiceWatch version 3 refer to the steps below.

  1. The user that is used to run NiceWatch in service mode must have the administrative rights on the system (it does not matter if the user is local or domain user).
  2. Before starting NiceWatch in service mode for the first time, you need to set up parameters in the Service Preferences dialog box. Open it in NiceWatch Manager -> Tools menu -> Register service.
    Note: you have to stop NiceWatch server to be able to access the 'Register service' option. You cannot change the operation mode while NiceWatch is in use.

Additional suggestions:

    Avoid using 'Local System account' as the user running NiceWatch in the service mode. Always select one existing local or domain user under which user account will run NiceWatch.

    The 'Local System account' is not associated with any Windows user account and has limited access permissions to the network folders or even to the local folders.

    The 'Local System account' might not have the appropriate access rights to the licenses on the NiceLabel network server. It is also questionnable if you will be able to access the labels stored on the network folder.

    NiceWatch saves all the data that trigger receives in a user's temporary folder %temp%. The Local System account does not have its own temporary folder and the folder c:\Windows\Temp will be used. Make sure the Local System account can access this folder with full permissions.
    If you still want to run NiceWatch logged on as 'Local System account', make sure you will let the user Guest have full rights to the folder with NiceLabel licenses. That's how the 'Local System account' will access the server.

    If not sure what to do, start with the real user account, do not use 'Local System account'.
  • NiceWatch in service mode will run in the DEMO mode, if the user used in the service mode has never run NiceLabel Pro on this computer. This can be noted in the NiceWatch log file, if you have it enabled. When NiceWatch is run in such set-up, the first entry in the log file reads "Service start DEMO".

    To solve this problem, log into Windows system as the user you are using in the service mode and then start NiceLabel Pro. This action ensures that proper values are entered in the Windows registry for this user.
  • Whenever you are changing the properties of the triggers in NiceWatch (running in the service mode), you need to stop and then start the NiceWatch service.
  • Whenever you decide to run NiceWatch in service mode, log on as the same Windows user and start trigger checking at least once before the real production takes place and thus verify, if everything operates OK.
  • When you run NiceWatch in service mode on the same computer where NiceLabel server is installed, NiceWatch will run in the demo mode. NiceWatch in service mode starts before the system has mapped the drives and NiceLabel licenses are not available.

Additional notes for NiceWatch version 3:

  • When you are setting up service parameters in NiceWatch and when you are switching from the normal to the service mode, you need to be logged in the system with the same user that NiceWatch later uses for triggering. This is important because NiceWatch copies some settings in the registry from the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

    Note, never manually change the path to the .NWC file in the registry, even if only changing it from the "mapped" syntax to the UNC syntax.
  • When running in service mode, the log pane in NiceWatch user-interface application does not update. To monitor NiceWatch operations, enable the option Save log to file in the Preferences accessible from Options menu. Then open this log file in text viewer.

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