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Using BDE SQL Links to connect to Oracle database


Oracle databases can be used in two different ways in NiceLabel.

The first one is a connection via ODBC drivers for your Oracle server, the second one is a direct connection using BDE (Borland Database Engine). The latter one is faster and more reliable, but it requires the SQL Links component of BDE to be installed. SQL Links component is not installed by default, but is available as add-on on NiceLabel CD-ROM. You will find the full version of BDE in folder \Updates\BDE.


Install the full version of BDE and then follow these steps:

  1. Start SETUP.EXE from \Updates\BDE\Setup\Disk1 folder on NiceLabel CD-ROM and follow on-screen instructions. This will install the full version of BDE including SQL Links (drivers for enterprise databases). Then run BDE511EN.EXE from \Updates\BDE folder to update the installed BDE to version 5.11.
  2. Go to Start.Programs.NiceLabel and start BDE Administrator.
  3. Select Databases tab and select Merge configuration from Object menu.
  4. Enter *.CNF in File name field and click Open.
  5. Select SQL_ORA8.CNF from the list and click Open.
  6. Select New from Object menu, select ORACLE for Database Driver Name, click OK.
  7. Enter the name of your new alias.
  8. In definition of Oracle alias (right side of program window) fill the following fields:
    SERVER NAME (enter the name of your Oracle server/database)
    NET PROTOCOL (probably TNS)
    LANGDRIVER (set the appropriate language driver)
    USER NAME (enter the username you usually use to connect to server)

    Also verify the settings DLL32 and VENDOR INIT. They should match your version of Oracle server. Every version of Oracle should be used with its own version of .DLL file.
  9. Close the BDE Administrator and save the changes.
  10. Now let's verify that alias can connect to the server. Re-open BDE Administrator and select the Oracle alias, you have created in previous steps, right-click it and select Open. Enter the password. If everything is OK, the alias settings should appear in bold font.
  11. Close the BDE Administrator and use created alias in NiceLabel. Use command Database access from Data menu, then select New.

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