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The multi-lingual text on the label is lost


I have multi-lingual label designed. When I open it and modify some label or printer settings, series of question marks appear as content for the elements instead of the multi-lingual text.


From version 3.6 onward NiceLabel is Unicode-aware application. Multi-lingual contents can be used in the same text element and different code-pages for the fonts can be used with the same element. Previous versions handled more languages and code-pages on the label differently. Each text element could be formatted in only one code-page at that time.

If the label created in pre-3.6 version uses text elements, which fonts are not formatted in the current system code-page, NiceLabel 3.6 will make the text conversion upon the label opening. The regular characters will be encoded into the Unicode formatting, based on the character set of the font that is used with the text element.

This should be done only once, when the label is opened. Unfortunately the same conversion is done for the second time whenever you edit such element, when you switch to some other printer on the label or when you change the printer properties. The second conversion will convert the text contents to question marks. The original content is lost.

Upgrade to NiceLabel version 3.6.4 or newer.

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