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The client for NiceLabel Suite Network complains there is no license available or NiceLabel system databases cannot be accessed


The license is always occupied by NiceLabel Pro application. Whenever the label is designed or printed the license is occupied. Even, when you run NiceForm or NiceWatch on their own, the license is still taken because NiceLabel Pro is also running in the background. Its icon is not visible, but it is listed in processes in Task Manager.


  1. Please follow the check-list below and make sure your system complies with it.
  2. The user that is currently logged in needs to have full (read, write, modify AND delete) permissions to the NiceLabel System folder on the server. All other folders can be accessible in read mode. The location of this folder usually is \\Server\NiceLabel\System.

    Make sure the following is true:
    - The NiceLabel user has full access permissions to files in the System folder.
    - The files in the System folder are shared to the NiceLabel user in full mode.
    - The files in the System folder do not have 'read-only' attribute set.
  3. If you have NiceLabel server part installed on some domain server computer and are running NiceLabel client under some non-domain user, you might have troubles accessing the license information from the NiceLabel server (it depends on your access permission policy to the server).
    There are two workarounds:
    - Run NiceLabel client under a domain user (with access to the domain server).
    - Enable the guest account on the domain server.
    Open Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management. Select Users from Local Users and Groups. Open properties of the Guest account and enable it.
  4. If you are running License Manager on some client, the license will still be occupied, even if NiceLabel Pro is not running. License Manager also takes one license.
  5. If you use Novell Netware, make sure that you have enabled support for long filenames.

For version 3 also verify the following:

  1. Make sure that NET DIR setting in BDE Administrator points to the same folder for all clients. During the client installation process the value is correctly set, but perhaps some other application has changed it later.

    The default folder specified for NET DIR is NiceLabel System folder (NiceNet\Bin\System) on your NiceLabel server computer. Use must use the UNC-style folder syntax. If you have the server with name MY_SERVER and are sharing NiceLabel main folder as NiceNet, you would write \\my_server\nicenet\bin\system as the value for NET DIR folder. Check the value of NET DIR on other working clients first.

    If one of the clients has this setting set to some other folder than the other clients, it will lock NiceLabel internal databases for itself and no other user will be able to access them.

    To change NET DIR setting, do the following:
    - Start BDE Administrator from Control Panel.
    - Select Configuration tab.
    - Select Drivers, then Native and finally Paradox.
    - Select NET DIR parameter and make sure it points to the correct folder.

    You can simply verify such situation by presence of *.LCK files in the System folder on the server. It is safe to delete all *.LCK files. Then set the proper settings for NET DIR.

    More information:
    Locking Paradox database in multi-user network environment
  2. Make sure that the network drive used in NET DIR is mapped to the same drive for all clients.

    If this network folder is shared as \\server\net and you have it mapped as drive H: (so that H: points to \\server\net) make sure that all clients use H: letter for this share. If only one of them will have location \\server\net mapped to G:, the connection to NiceLabel system databases will not work for this client.
  3. If you are running NiceLabel Network client on the server computer as well, you must make the following modification to the BDE Administrator. Make the modification on the server computer only. LOCAL SHARE parameter for database access must be set to TRUE.

    - Start BDE Administrator from Control Panel.
    - Select Configuration tab.
    - Select System, then INIT.
    - Select LOCAL SHARE parameter and change it to TRUE.

This step is particularly important when using Citrix environment, where NiceLabel server and client installations are made on the same computer.

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