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Read and Store RFID Tag Data


NiceLabel software can read the pre-programmed data from the RFID tag and store it into some database. At the same time when you print the smart label and program the embedded RFID tag, you can also read the contents of the RFID tag. Each tag has a unique ID number that is embedded to the tag during the manufacturing process. Such ID uniquely identifies each tag and thus each product.

With the RFID Read and Store functionality you can add a new level of trace & track to your logistic processes. You can link the printed data on the label with the RFID tag unique ID. You know which tag contains the information about certain product.

Once the printer returns the value of the unique ID number (and other RFID tag data), you can store the values to data containers on your computer. You can update the existing database from which you have acquired product data. For example: you can define an extra fields 'RFID Data' in your database structure and fill it with the data received from the RFID tag.

The RFID data is written to the container in the XML format. The typical XML data structure looks like this:



The software ships with two data plugins that you can use to store the data.

  1. Database plugin: Use this plugin to store RFID data to any accessible database.
  2. Text plugin: Use this plugin to store RFID data to plain text file.

Note: The source code for the text plugin is available with the software. Using that example you can look at how the data is returned by the driver and how to handle it. Using this knowledge you can write your own plugins.

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