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Printing the internal font CGTimes on Datamax label printer


ven if you have set the internal printer font CGTimes to the text element, the print-out is not correct. Instead of the CGTimes font there is some entirely different typeface printer in very small font size.

The NiceDriver produces a valid printer command file for your Datamax printer, but the commands are not properly interpreted in the printer.

The reason for such behaviour is in lack of support for CGTimes typeface in the firmware of the printer. By default, the Datamax printer are not supplied with this internal typeface. The CG Times font is an option that should be ordered when purchasing the printer. This font has a royalty associated with it and this is why it has to be enabled separately.


If you need to print labels with this particular typeface, you will need to order it directly from Datamax Corporation. The typeface can be enabled remotely on your pritner and you do not need to send it to repair/upgrade.

Please contact Datamax Technical Support for more information.

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