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Printing labels to PDF


NiceLabel software in the Enterprise Series gives you the ability to print labels to PDF files. With the NiceLabel Print Center edition you get the ‘Web-printing’ ability. Basically, you log into a Web page (NiceLabel Enterprise Print Manager – EPM) and select the label for printing. NiceLabel will generate the PDF file and display it in the internet browser. Once you see the PDF with your label, you can print it, save it to disk, publish it somewhere etc.


There are some technical requirements that you must fulfill on the server where EPM is installer, in order to print labels to PDF.

The server must have installed one Postscript printer driver that supports the paper format and dimensions of your labels. When you instruct EPM to print the label to PDF, internally the label is printed to the Postscript printer. It provide the label ‘print file’ on the disk. Then another component takes over and converts the Postscript file into the PDF. Finally, the PDF is displayed in your browser.

The Postscript printer selection is done during the EPM installation. However, if you did not have the Postscript driver already installed at that time and your skipped the step of printer selection, the PDF printing is inaccessible.

To can enable the PDF printing in the EPM, do the following:

  1. Install the Postscript printer on the server.
  2. Open Printers&Faxes and locate your new Postscript printer.
  3. Copy its name to clipboard.
  4. Open your favorite text editor (Notepad is just fine).
  5. Open the file C:\Program Files\Common Files\Euro Plus Shared\NPSWinServer.config.
  6. Locate the string PostScriptPrinterName.
  7. Enter the name of the Postscript printer driver inside the node <value></value>.
    For example, to define the driver as "Linotronic 530 v52.3" update the file NPSWinServer.config like this:
        <setting serializeAs="String">
        <value>Linotronic 530 v52.3</value>
  8. Restart the Windows service application NPSWinService.

To print labels to PDF in the NiceLabel Standard Series, install the PDF printer driver on the local workstation and it will create the PDF for you. Search for Adobe PDF, CutePDF, PDF Creator or similar packages.

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