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Offline access to NiceLabel Document Management System


All mission-critical services running on Web servers must remain constantly available. Constant availability of services introduces two potential groups of issues:

  • Server availability issues
  • Client Internet access issues

With NiceLabel Label Cloud editions, Document Management System (DMS) is hosted in Microsoft Azure. You need an Internet connection to access labeling assets from NiceLabel clients installed locally or running the Web Clients. When you are offline, you lose access to the online Document Management System.


NiceLabel web applications are designed to run in offline mode so you can still print while being offline.

Some NiceLabel print applications create a local cached dopy od label/solution when a connection is available.

NiceLabel Web Client

Web Client supports offline mode out-of-the-box.

Each time you start a Web Application, Web Client verifies the local cache for the last version of the application. If the application is already cached locally, Web Client runs it. If there is a newer version of the Web Application available online, Web Printing downloads and runs the newest version.

In offline mode database data is limited to the last databased table used or last data queried that was displayed when the client was online.

Offline mode works only, if you select 'remember me' option when logging in. You need to start your web application while being offline to enter the offline mode. If you lose internet connection during runtime, you will receive an error. Restart the application to enter the offline mode.

NiceLabel Automation Enterprise

When NiceLabel Automation runs using the Enterprise product level, you can enable caching of all files used for the label production. In this case, Automation manages a local copy of all labels and images that were ever used for printing. Every time a label print is requested, the files are taken from the local cache folder. If a file does not exist in the cache yet, Automation requests for the file from the DMS. The background scheduler updates the local cached copy with the up-to-date versions in configurable time intervals.
This process ensures local availability of label assets but does not cache any data. If your integrated label printing does not receive all label data with the print event and relies on some online data source instead, you cannot print without Internet connection.

The caching options are configurable in Automation Builder under Options > Automation > Performance.

NiceLabel Designer and NiceLabel Print

If your NiceLabel Designer or NiceLabel Print are signed in to Label Cloud, and you lose Internet connection, you can still use and run the application, but you must reestablish the connection in up to five days. Without reconnecting with your Label Cloud, the application closes automatically.

After losing Internet connection, and if your computer stays offline, a warning appears after 5 days. The application closes 5 minutes after you see the warning. After you reestablish Internet connection, open the application and sign in to Label Cloud. This makes your copy of the application active again.

NiceLabel Designer and NiceLabel Print do not cache the online files. If you lose connection with the Document Management System (DMS), you can still work on the new label assets, but you cannot access the existing ones in the DMS.

Print history synchronization

NiceLabel print clients log all printing activities to the Document Management System.

If the connection with DMS fails, and the user uses the offline client to print, the log entries of print events are not lost. As soon as connection with the DMS is reestablished, the past printing activity log uploads. This happens automatically by a background process for print jobs processed by NiceLabel Designer, NiceLabel Print and NiceLabel Automation. The print jobs processed by NiceLabel Web Client upload the next time you run it in online mode.

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