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NiceWatch Log Thread Error


When you start NiceWatch you see the following error:

Log Thread unknown error. System error message: Access violation at address XXXXXXXX in module 'Nwatchs4.exe'. Read of adress 00000000.

Then window with another message appears:

List index out of bounds(0)


Internally, NiceWatch keeps tracks of the internal processing, which triggers fired, about the actions to execute and other activities. All pieces of the information coming from these data sources are stored to disk. There is an internal process (log thread) that manages the information and displays up-to-date information inside the NiceWatch log pane. This display allows you to see inside NiceWatch operations.

If NiceWatch cannot connect to the information store on the disk, or it becomes corrupted, the information within is inaccessible. You have probably experienced some system failure, system crash, or information store has damaged files by some other reason.

A quick workaround to the problem is to remove all temporary data from the information store and re-run NiceWatch.

Do the following:

  • Delete all files from temporary folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\EuroPlus\NiceLabel 4\System\NiceWatchLog
  • Restart NiceWatch application (first stop NiceWatch server, then close the NiceWatch Manager, finally run NiceWatch again).

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