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NiceLabel with the Software Key loses the information about activation and starts in demo mode


You installed NiceLabel software. The activation procedure using your NiceLabel Software Key completed successfully and there were no error messages. NiceLabel could be used.

Next you have changed the regional language settings on your computer and started NiceLabel again. But NiceLabel run in demo mode. The option Help -> Manage License still showed the correct license information.

When you changed the regional settings into some other language, the new language might not have support for some of the characters in your or company name that you used during the activation process. Windows system will handle such special characters as part of the new character set. NiceLabel activation was based on the characters from the language selected during the activation procedure. The new character set causes the NiceLabel activation to fail.


Make sure you have the latest version for your NiceLabel edition installed. If you intend to run NiceLabel software on the computer where you will change the regional language settings (for example, this can frequently happen on computers that are in use for testing software), make sure to use letters from English alphabet when providing data during NiceLabel activation process. Do not use any special letters that your local alphabet might have.

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