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NiceLabel software runs in DEMO mode


When you run NiceLabel software, it runs in demo mode even if you have activated it.


Labeling Software NiceLabel is protected with a HASP Hardware Key (that has to be attached to parallel port or USB to function) or a Software Key. The software key can contain single-user or multi-user license.

Please verify the following:

1. Install the appropriate NiceLabel edition package from the installation CD.
Select the appropriate NiceLabel edition from the DVD. To find out which edition exactly you have purchased, refer to the invoice.

2. Connect the hardware key properly to parallel port on your computer

For USB hardware key:
If you have USB hardware key, plug it into one of the available USB ports. If you have Internet connection and Windows Update feature enabled, the driver will be downloaded and installed automatically.

For parallel port hardware key:
Connect the hardware key to parallel port in such a manner that pins on the key plug into holes in the computer port. Fasten the two screws to secure the key in place. NOTE! Do not remove the screws or try to turn them inside out, this may cause a serious damage to your hardware key and/or computer port.

If you own a printer with parallel port, please connect one end of the parallel printer cable to the hardware key and the other one to your printer.

3. Identify hardware key with NiceDiag utility

If you have NiceLabel V4 or newer, do the following:

  1. Start NiceLabel designer.
  2. Select Help -> Manage License.
  3. Follow on-screen instructions.

In order to access hardware key, HASP device driver must be installed on the computer. When you plug in the USB hardware key, the Windows will install the required driver automatically. You must have Internet connection and enabled Windows Update feature.

To manually install the driver, run the installer from NiceLabel DVD, or download it.

You can also download a separate hardware key checker utility NiceDiag.

4. Set the proper mode of the parallel port

Default setting in most computer configurations for parallel port is ECP printer port, try to change that to standard or bi-directional mode. This can usually be changed in the system BIOS. Look for "SPP" or "Standard mode". Some laptop computers have special program for system setup installed in Control Panel. You can use it to change the parallel port mode.

5. Disable virtual LPT port on your laptop computer
If you have problems with dongle on the laptop computer, you should remove the virtual parallel port that is installed as part of infrared support. It can cause the dongle not to be accessed in a proper way resulting in NiceLabel to be run in DEMO mode.

6. Test the hardware key on other PC computers
Attach the hardware key to the other computer as instructed in the step 2. Install the hardware key device driver and run NiceDiag utility as instructed in the step 3. If the hardware key is properly identified on all tested computers, you have problems with the original PC computer.

Make sure to properly set the paralell port mode as explained in step 4.
Make sure that any properietary software does not have parallel port occupied.
If the problem can be reproduced on other PC computers as well, the hardware key is most probably corrupted.

7. Make sure you do not run NiceLabel over Remote Desktop Connection (for NiceLabel before V6.2)

Note: this step only applies to NiceLabel software before version 6.2 Hardware key will be recognized in NiceLabel version 6.2, when running it over Remote Desktop Connection.

NiceLabel single-user software is per-user licensed software. You cannot use single-user software in multi-user operating systems such as Windows 2003 Terminal Services or Citrix. The user logged on the console will be able to run NiceLabel. You can still use NiceLabel software with a remote desktop connection, but make sure you connect to the main (console) session, otherwise NiceLabel will run in the demo mode. Usually you need to include the command-line parameter "/console" to force connection to the main session. In newer Windows operating system the parameter is "/admin".

Note: NiceLabel will NOT work using Remote Desktop Connection on Windows 2008 Server and Windows 7.

If more users want to run NiceLabel software from the same server (e.g. Citrix) use the NiceLabel software with multi-user licensing: the edition is NiceLabel Suite Network, also see products from the Enterprise Series.

8. Full access to the shared folder for NiceLabel PowerForms Multi-user edition

In Multi-user edition every NiceLabel client on each workstation machine must have full access to the network shared folder with the licenses. The user running NiceLabel client must have full folder access permissions.

9. If the error persists...
If you have tried all of the above suggestions and none of them helps, please contact NiceLabel Technical Support. Specify the following information about you system:

  1. Type (model) of your computer
  2. Version of the operating system
  3. Version and build of NiceLabel software (look into Help -> About dialog box)
  4. Version of HASP Device Driver (see NiceDiag utility)
  5. Hardware key serial number (see a label on the hardware key)
  6. Screenshot of the NiceDiag utility.

Explain what you have already done when trying to solve the problem.

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