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NiceLabel runs in demo mode after installing Windows XP Service Pack 2 and updating the Aladdin hardware key device driver on Windows Update website


NiceLabel is compatible with Windows XP Service Pack 2. No extra modifications are necessary to be applied to the system. The functionality of NiceLabel software remains untouched.

However, when Service Pack 2 is installed on the computer and you run Windows Update, the service can find the update for the Aladdin hardware key version 5.11. This is the hardware key that NiceLabel software uses for software protection on some markets. If you choose to install this update, the hardware key will stop working. Microsoft Windows Update does not contain proper ID for the driver. The hardware key is installed as 'Aladdin Knowledge Systems Key 00' and not as 'Aladdin Knowledge Systems Key'. Both Microsoft and Aladdin companies are aware of the problem and are working on its resolution.

For normal operation NiceLabel software requires the hardware key driver version 4.95 to be present, it will not work with version 5.11. On the other hand you need the version 5.11 to be installed so Windows Update service will not prompt you for the update.


Workaround: Do not install the update to Aladdin Knowledge Systems key from Windows Update. This is an optional hardware update, not necessarily important for the system. Select the option 'Hide this item' and it will not be available for you any more. If you have already updated the driver to new version and NiceLabel does not function any more read on.

Solution: Download and install the updated device driver. It is available from Aladdin or NiceLabel website.

  1. Remove the device 'Aladdin Knowledge Systems Key 00' from list of device on your computer.
  2. Double click the icon System in Control Panel. Go to Hardware tab and click on the button Device Manager. Select the device 'Aladdin Knowledge Systems Key 00' and delete it.
  3. Download the hardware key device driver version 4.96 or newer. Run the downloaded application and follow on-screen instructions to install the device driver.
  4. Download the updated hardware key device driver version 5.15 or newer. This one is a newer installation than the one offered through Windows Update service. Unpack the ZIP file to a temporary location. Select Run command from the Start menu, browse to the location of the extracted files, point to the HASPDIST.EXE and and then install the device driver like this:

You will have two device drivers installed for the same hardware key. Version 4.96 for NiceLabel software and version 5.15 for Windows XP SP2.

Note: If you are having troubles installing the device driver following the steps 2. and 3. above, first try to remove the existing (partially installed) device drivers.

  1. Download the command-line utility HINSTALL.EXE, extract the ZIP file to the temporary folder then run the utility like this:
  2. Download the command-line utility HASPDINST.EXE, extract the ZIP file to the temporary folder then run the utility like this: HASPDINST.EXE /r

In both cases you will remove the partially installed HASP device driver, so the computer is ready for the fresh installation. Reboot the computer if prompted to do so

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