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NiceLabel does not start when initializing Stock Management component


When you start NiceLabel software for the first time, you can see the following error message:

Error while initializing Stock Management component.
Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed.

During the startup procedure NiceLabel loads different components, one of the necessary component is a stock management component. NiceLabel software comes with a library of pre-defined label formats (stocks) that you can use during the label design. The library is stored in a Microsoft Access database. In order to have access to the stock database, your Windows system must be configured with the appropriate database drivers.

The error message you see is caused by the lack of the Access database drivers on your Windows system. NiceLabel cannot connect to the stock database and will not run.


To resolve the problem, you must install the database drivers. You need to install MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) and JET (Joint Engine Technology) engine updates. You can obtain them using any of the following methods:

  1. Update your Windows operating to the latest available service pack. You can download the service pack from Microsoft website.
  2. Update the database drivers from NiceLabel CD-ROM. You will find the updates in the folder Updates\MDAC.
  3. Visit Microsoft Support website and search for the MDAC and JET engine updates.

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