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My label printer is not available in NiceLabel software, but it listed in Printers


NiceLabel software can query all installed printer drivers at start-up. Based on the printer response the printer can either be used in NiceLabel or banned and put on the "black list". Printer checking technique has been introduced in version 3.1 and renders faulty printer drivers unavailable.

The black list contains all affected printer drivers on your system that are not Windows compliant drivers, not properly installed, unavailable (possible case with disconnected network printers) etc. If the driver is not accessible or not behaving properly, NiceLabel Pro will ignore it and refuse to use it. This action prevents program errors originating in the faulty printer drivers. Previously, when errors because of such drivers would appear, NiceLabel software was the cause of the error from user's point of view.


All affected printer drivers are stored in a XPRINT.INF file on your computer in NiceLabel's Bin\System folder. The default location is
C:\Program Files\EuroPlus\NiceLabel\Bin\System.

If you believe that your printer driver was mistakenly put on the black list, you can remove it from the list. Open Preferences dialog box from Options menu and go to Startup tab. Then select the printer driver and click the Remove button.

If you want to disable the validation process, disable Check Printers on Startup option. If you want NiceLabel Pro to to re-run its driver tests, enable this option, then remove all drivers currently in the black list, close the application then run it again. NiceLabel Pro will check all installed printer drivers from the beginning.

The most common sources of false alarms are:

  • Improper or unfinished installation of the printer driver. Remove the printer driver from the system, reboot the computer and then reinstall the driver.
  • Unavailable network printer If you are using print shared on some network computer and the computer is off; the printer driver will not be available. The solution would be to install the local printer driver for this printer and then change its port from LPT1 to Local port in the form \\SERVER\SHARE. For more information refer to the article KB141.

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