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Labels do not reprint on the workstation controlled by the EPM


NiceWatch Enterprise is used to integrate label printing to an existing system in one of the supported methods. All printing activities including the label name and values of variable fields are stored in a MS SQL database, for logging and for future reprints of these labels.

The workstation is set up in the following way:

  • For action Open label NiceWatch Enterprise uses just the label name alone, without the full path to the label.
  • In the preferences (Tools -> Options -> General -> Folders) the Labels parameter determines the location of the label files. The labels are stored on the network drive.

At each label print action, the log file remembers all properties of this print job, so it can be reprinted at any later time. But for the label name just the actual label name is remembered, excluding the full path to the label file. The log file remembers the name as specified in the Open label action.

When you want to reprint this label from the EPM, the action fails with the following error message:

There was an error trying to reprint print job: Unable to open document. Details: <path and file name to your label file>

Each time you reprint the labels from the EPM you actually instruct the selected workstation to reprint labels. You can reprint labels on the original workstation, or command some other workstation to reprint job originally printed elsewhere. EPM sends the »reprint« command to the application Label Services running on each NiceLabel workstation. Label Services runs as a system service, not as regular application. Label Services will accept the command from the EPM and use the local NiceLabel print engine to print labels.


The service Label Services runs using credentials of some user. A default NiceLabel installation sets up Label Services to run under the Local System user account. It's built-in account so Label Services can run on any workstation without any need for modification. However, the Local System account does not have permissions to access network resources.

The network path that defines the label folder in NiceWatch Enterprise preferences is not readable by the Local System account and that's the reason for the failed reprint action.

There is quite easy solution to the situation. Run the Label Services under the credentials of some user with access to the network resources.

Do the following:

  1. Open the list of services running on the workstations, which will reprint labels: Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services.
  2. Locate Label Services in the list.
  3. Right-click the Label Services, then select Properties.
  4. Go to Log On tab.
  5. Select This account then browse for the username with permissions to access network location with labels.
  6. Type in the password.
  7. Click OK.

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