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Label Design Optimizations


To achieve fast label printout make sure you send the minimum amount of data to the printer. Namely the shortest the printfile is the faster the transfer to the printer is resulting in the faster printout.


We recommend the following possibilities of the optimization:

  • Do not use any TrueType fonts for variable text objects, but only internal fonts. If you must use TrueType fonts, download them to printer memory using the application NiceMemMaster.
  • When communicating with NiceLabel print engine, use "session print". In this mode you do not print the labels individually, but send all data to the printer and then execute printing.
  • If you do not achieve adequate label printing speed with steps 1 and 2, you can just download the entire label into the printer memory (for supported printers). What you would do is:
  • Design label in NiceLabel Pro.
  • Use the command File -> Export -> Export to printer to save the label to the printer.
  • From your application you would not communicate with NiceLabel print engine, but directly with the printer. You need to format and send the "recall file" to the printer. The recall file is a text file with printer commands. The commands in the recall file would select a label from the printer, set the variable values and print required amount of labels.
No NiceLabel software is involved in the print process in this case. The label is already stored in the printer so all you send is just data for the label. The achieved printing is at the maximum possible speed.
But you need to be familiar with printer command language. You must create a recall file and send it to the printer from your application.
  • If using counters on the label

NiceLabel tries to create the optimal printing stream in order to minimize label transmission time to the printer and to speed up label printing. One of the optimization options is sending the label to the printer only once and specifying the label quantity. If this functionality does not work in your case, verify the following:

  • Do you use NiceDrivers printer drivers? If you see "(Windows)" written next to the printer name in the bottom status bar in NiceLabel Pro, NiceLabel does not communicate with the printer using the optimized method. The reason might be that you do not have NiceDriver installed.
  • Verify that the optimization to NiceDriver is enabled.
Go to File -> Label Setup -> Printing tab.
Make sure the options "Optimize printing of identical labels" and "Use advanced printer driver interface" are both enabled.
  • If you use counter on the label, make sure it is defined as printer internal counter, not as NiceLabel counter.


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