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Installing Python


You can use Python to enhance the abilities and performance of NiceLabel software. Typically, you would use scripting to implement some computation algorithms, such as check-digit algorithms, or to add decision making into your labels or form applications.

NiceLabel 2017 and NiceLabel 2019 ship with embedded IronPython that allows you to use both Python modules and .NET assemblies in your code. However, to be able use the non-standard Python modules, you have to install desktop Python on your computer. Installation of desktop Python is also mandatory, when you want to use Python scripts in previous generations of NiceLabel software.

To summary:

  • Install desktop Python, if you will use external non-standard Python modules in your code and/or you are using NiceLabel 6 or earlier.
  • No need to install desktop Python, if you have NiceLabel 2017 or above and you do not intend to use external non-standard Python modules in your code (but you might be using .NET assemblies). For computation and decision making (e.g. IF statements) you do not need external modules.

Also read this KB article to better understand, if you even have to install desktop Python.


To install Pyhton support, you have to install two components (1) Python core and (2) Python for Windows extension (PyWin).

Do the following:

  1. Visit Python download page. Make sure to download version 2.7.X, NOT version 3.
  2. Download Python for Windows Extensions. Download 32-bit version for Python 2.7.
  3. First, install Python 2.7.
  4. Second, install PyWin32 extensions.
  5. Start NiceLabel software and you can use external Python modules in your code.


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