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Existing application that uses BDE does not operate well with latest BDE version installed by NiceLabel installation


The installation of NiceLabel also installs the latest release of Borland Database Engine on your computer. This is okay if you do not have already installed your copy of BDE. But if you are using an application that relies on a different version of BDE, you may have compatibility difficulties. Because of situations like this the installation program merges as much information from previous installation of BDE to the new one as possible.


Solution 1: Installation program makes the backup copy of existing configuration file (it is stored in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Borland Shared\BDE\ folder on your harddisk). This is useful if some aliases or custom settings are missing from previous version of BDE and you can then manually correct the configuration file.

Solution 2: If you know for certain that your existing applications are compatible only with previous version of BDE and operate unreliably with the latest version of BDE, you can skip the installation of BDE within NiceLabel installation entirely. During NiceLabel installation please select Custom installation and disable BDE. BDE will thus not be installed and existing version preserved on the system.

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