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Does NiceLabel software run on Windows XP operating system?


Can I run NiceLabel on Windows XP?


Microsoft has certified NiceLabel with logos "Designed for Windows Vista" and "Compatible with Windows 7", indicating assurance of reliability and compliance of operations in the older version of Windows operating systems as well.

NiceLabel software can be normally used on Windows XP operating system. There is no limitation to the operations of the software. All functionality and program options are available in the same way as with all other distributions of Windows operating system.

NiceLabel software from version 3.1 is Windows XP compatible software regarding program functionality and graphical outlook.

If you are using NiceLabel software prior to version 3.1 you might observe the lack of true Windows XP style and feel in some dialog boxes and especially with buttons. However, from version 3.1 NiceLabel software is fully compatible with Windows XP scheme.

Please note, if you are using stand-alone NiceLabel software version prior 3.1 equipped with HASP protective device, the enclosed HASP device driver does not work in Windows XP environment. An error message Error(s) occurred while installing dongle support. Please check documentation to solve this problem. (5) will appear. The installation will complete anyway. But you must upgrade you HASP device driver. You should be using driver of at least version 4.65. The latest and most recommended version of the driver is always available for transfer from Miscellaneous Download pages. Run application NiceDiag from NiceLabel CD-ROM (\Updates\


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