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Displaying thumbnails of NiceLabel V2017 clipart images


Clipart images that are installed with NiceLabel V2017 software are available in various file formats. When you browse the clipart folders from NiceLabel, the standard Windows "File Open" dialog box displays the clipart images.

The Windows preview handler is responsible for the previews of images. In the current supported Windows systems there is no support for previewing WMF files. 


Install a third-party "shell extension/preview handler" in your Windows. This add-on enables "File Open" dialog box to display almost all popular image formats, including WMF.

There are many such extensions available for Windows. NiceLabel has been tested with SageThumbs.

To install the extension, do the following:

  1. Go to SageThumbs web site.
  2. Download the installer for the latest version of SageThumbs extension.
  3. Run the installer using the user account with sufficient permissions (administrative).

The next time you start NiceLabel Designer and browse the Clipart folders, you can see thumbnails of all clipart images.

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