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Designing the Unicode multi-lingual label templates


Unicode is character-encoding standard that supports all worlds' languages. Unicode is the only standard available to achieve a true multi-lingual experience. NiceLabel can read data from any Unicode database and allow user to mix any language combination inside label elements.

The primary advantage of Unicode support is ability to use text formatted in different languages on the same label. But not just that, you can mix different languages within the same text element. It can contain Cyrillic, Arabic, Western, Chinese, Hebrew, Eastern European etc. characters at the same time.


All modern operating systems have Unicode support built-in. NiceLabel software supports Unicode processing on the following Windows operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and newer.

Multi-lingual label design is done in a straightforward way requiring no further actions or knowledge. All you have to make sure is that you have appropriate language support enabled in your operating system, i.e. install Chinese keyboard support if you want to use Chinese idioms on the label and Russian keyboard to use Cyrillic letters.

Internal data processing in NiceLabel software is all handled in Unicode-aware manner. The most obvious advantages of Unicode support are:

  • Prompted multi-lingual text elements
    You can use different language formatting inside the same text element. NiceLabel software is able to recognize and print such fields correctly. If you change the input language on your keyboard, you are immediately able to enter the contents for the same element in an entirely different language.
  • Database multi-lingual fields
    The Unicode database field can contain characters from different languages at the same time. You are no longer limited to using separate fields for separate languages.
  • Automatic handling of Unicode data
    You can transfer the data from other Unicode-aware to NiceLabel software simply using Copy/Paste functionality. The characters are automatically identified as Unicode encoded data and are properly processed.

All modules in the NiceLabel software are Unicode aware applications. So you can design your Unicode labels with NiceLabel Pro or NiceLabel Express, print the labels interactively using NicePrint or with printing application generated with NiceForm, or print the label automatically with middleware integration module NiceWatch. You can manage your Unicode databases with NiceData.


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